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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Pukapuka PN.GAHE-GAHE Ngaengae-a Tiring; make tired
Marquesas CP.PUUPUU.1 Bubu tà fáfa, bubu tei haha (NKH) To wash the mouth; to take a little food (fig. to break the fast)
Marquesas EO.FILO Féyo To twist; to make line or cord
Marquesas PN.KEU.1 Káiu To touch, to shake
Marquesas CP.MOKO.2 Mógo To make a collection
Marquesas EP.PAKA.1B Pokka/pókka Crust of baked fruit &c.
Marquesas CP.TAGI.B Táne To make any sort of noises; the noise
Marquesas AN.TAA.1B Ta/ttá To take the pulp off from the core of the ripe breadfruit
Vaeakau-Taumako MQ.TOO.1C Thoo (trans. tho/kia) Build (basic meaning is to make holes for the house posts)
Marquesas EP.FAAITO Waedo To take aim Problematic
Marquesas NP.NATI Naʔne, naʔne To tuck up, make short
Marquesas PN.PUOU Puó Species of plantain and breadfruit. A plump fish streaked with yellow and red (THT).
Nukuoro PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Hagalua Make a total of two
Kapingamarangi PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Hagalua To make a total of two; twice
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Hoʔolua To do twice, repeat, do over and over; to bake twice, as food in the oven
Marquesas EP.SEWA.B Hekka-áiva To go naked
New Zealand Maori PN.SIKI.1E Hiki Remove, take away, convey; get up, set out, move
Samoan PN.SIKI.1E Siʔi To take oneself off in a grudge
Marquesas PN.LINO Ea, neʔnu, Towʔra Ropemaker
Fijian NP.TAE.2A Taa To dip in and take with a basket or shovel
Marquesas EP.PEKA.2A Pakeka Croix, en forme de croix Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan NP.FAKA-PILI ʔAkapiri Make man and wife join, marry; unite
Kapingamarangi NP.FAKA-PILI Haga/a/bili Loincloth; makeshift, to do or tie temporarily, to jerry-rig
Mangareva CE.TAPI.1C Tapi/tapi Vider de l'eau, de la nourriture d'un lieu dans un autre; jeter de l'eau avec les deux mains; enlever ses effets d'une maison pour les porter dans une autre; faire venir tous les habitants d'une baie dans une autre. Empty; to exhaust, drain, spend; to take away a thing from a house; to cause all the people in a settlement to come or go (Tgr).
Ifira-Mele SO.KI-NEI Kiinei Here (near speaker)
Tokelau SO.KI-NEI Kinei Locative noun: here (near speaker)
Sikaiana SO.KI-NAA I/kinaa There, in sight, but away from speaker
Marquesas AN.UNU.1 Unnúhwe To strip or take off clothes
Marquesas FJ.QARA A. Va. To be awake.
Marquesas NP.SEMO Hémmo To loose; to catch or overtake
Sikaiana PN.PANE.A Pane muli Rear part of the washstrake {hono} of an outrigger canoe...used for sitting.
New Zealand Maori PN.MA-KAKA Maakaka A rite to make a human body *tapu*, to prevent it being eaten Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian PN.MATE-GA Makena Mourning, lamentation; to wail, lament
New Zealand Maori CE.TEKA.3 Teka Cross-pieces lashed onto a pole to make a rough ladder; projecting foot piece on a *ko* [digging stick] by which it was forced into the ground
Tongan PN.QUHI.3 Koe/ʔuhi Because; because of, on account of, for the sake of
Tongan MP.AWA Ava/ngi, ava/ki To perforate, make a hole or opening in; to scuttle (a ship); to lift so as to leave a little space underneath
Rennellese PN.SOIFUA Soihua To make profane, release taboo; to free or be free from contamination or disease, as of man or plants; to be calm; to escape or recover from sickness
Tahitian PN.FAKA-MORI Haʔamori Worship, make offerings to . To worship a Deity, to perform religious services (Dvs).
Nukuoro PN.MAFA-TIA Dae/mahadia, -lia Heavy, oppressive, hard to take
Samoan FJ.HIFO.C Ifo To bow down, as do those conquered in war. Give in, surrender; make a formal apology (Mnr).
Tongan XW.TUQA-NIA Tuʔenia, tuʔeina To take to heart, feel deeply concerned about
Tongan PN.SAA-KILI.1 Hakili To make a thorough examination of (looking in every nook and corner) in searching for something
Hawaiian PN.MA-RAMA.C Maalama Take care of, care for, beware...
Tuvalu PN.FAKA-AGI Fakaagi To make something blow; to put out in the wind
Tuvalu FJ.TAKELE.A T/takele Lowest point; the keel of a boat or canoe
Tuvalu SO.MAAFULU Maafulu To be sleepy, to just wake up. Just woken (Rby).