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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan PN.AA- A Ligative particle occurring in certain nominal constructions Problematic
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the morning)
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/efiafi This afternoon (said in the morning or at mid-day)
West Uvea FJ.QAFA.1 Afa Aiguille/navette pour fabriquer/réparer les filets
Rarotongan MP.AFAA ʔAaʔaa matagi Meaning uncertain, but referred to bad weather(Mka.) Problematic
Waya MP.AFAA Cavaa A storm, a gale accompanied by rain
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.RAA A/la Postnuclear qualifier, usually indicating uncertainty, or softening of the preceding word; if Problematic
Rennellese PN.AFE.2 Ahe A thousand (pairs of yams etc.)
East Uvea PN.QAA-NEI Aanai Dans un instant, tout à l'heure
West Futuna PN.QAA-FEA Afea, afia, aia When (future interrogative)
Tikopia PN.QAFII Afii Leaf container for food, bent over and tied
East Futuna OC.QAFI-GA Afiga Aiselle
Mangareva MP.AFO Aʔo Ficelle, petite corde dont on fait les filets; ligne de pêche
Niue PN.QAFU.1 Afu, a/afu, afu/afu Hot, oppressive, sultry, airless
Tahitian PN.QAFU.1 Ahu/ahu Hot, sultry, not airy; the heat of the sun or of clothes
Tongan PN.QAFU.1 ʔAfu Hot and steamy, of air, of an earth-oven, of a feverish person
Easter Island EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Megalithic construction considered for a long time as a funeral monument...consists of one or more chambers with a platform cover meant to support one or more moai.. Swelling (Wbr).
Penrhyn EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Erect stone, pile of stones, cairn
Tahitian NP.AAFUA Ahua Traits caracteristiques
East Uvea PN.QAAFUA Afu/a Banc de sable dans la mer; partie du rivage laissée à marée basse, grève
Tahitian PN.QAAFUA Aahua Un endroit du lagon rempli de corail ou les embarcations ne peuvent pas passer
East Futuna MP.AFU-AFU Afuafu To sprinkle, as of fine rain
Emae MP.AFU-AFU Afuafu Drizzle, sprinkle, of rain
Rennellese MP.AFU-AFU Ahuahu Sprinkle, rain a little
Rennellese MP.AFU-AFU Ahu Wind-blown rain
Tikopia MP.AFU-AFU Afu Light, as of rain; spray
Pukapuka CP.AGA Anga/anga Habit, behaviour (archaic)
East Uvea EO.SONI.A Honi/ʔi, soni/i (obs.) Tailler légèrement; faire une petite incision
East Futuna PN.QAGA.1 ʔAga Requin (de taille inférieur à 10 mètres)
Tongan PN.QAGA.1 ʔAngaʔanga/mofai Shark with head like that of a stingray
Nukuoro NP.QAGA.2 Anga/anga- (Finger or toe) nail
Penrhyn NP.QAGA.2 Anga Shell; empty container, anything like a shell
Tongan PN.QAGAQAGA-MAFAI ʔAngaʔanga/mofai Shark with head like that of a stingray
Nukuoro PN.AGE Ange Away from speaker and hearer; more, farther; again
Vaeakau-Taumako NP.QANA-I-LAA-NEI Nailane Today
New Zealand Maori AN.AGI.1 A/angi Light air
Motu AN.AGI.1 Lai Breeze; wind
Mangareva AN.AGI.1 Agi(agi) Blow gently. Air légèrement agité; zéphyr; souffler coucement; (excl) quel plaisir!
Easter Island PN.AGI.2 Aŋi Be certain, know Problematic
Tahitian CK.AGI.3 Aiai A species of the pandanus (called also fara vao) Problematic
Mangareva AN.QAHO Ao Day (not night). Jour (contraire de po, nuit).
Easter Island OC.AI.1 Ai
East Futuna OC.AI.1 Ai Anaphoric particle marking deletion of a non-subject
Hawaiian OC.AI.1 Ai Linking particle
Kapingamarangi OC.AI.1 Ai Predicate complement
New Zealand Maori OC.AI.1 Ai Consequential and anaphoric postposed verbal particle
Moriori OC.AI.1 Ai, ei Anaphoric particle
Marquesas OC.AI.1 Ai Particle marking anaphor of an oblique case. Particule qui renvoie à un lieu ou un temps évoqué auparavant: où, là où
Niue OC.AI.1 Ai Anaphoric pronoun....
Penrhyn OC.AI.1 Ai Then, therefore, so