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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Pukapuka PN.FORE Wole Payment for losing a competition Uncertain Semantic Connection
New Zealand Maori PN.FUU.1A Huu Any explosive noise/sound
Marquesas PN.FUU.1A Huu. Hu (Atl). Faire explosion, détoner, détonation, explosion, éclater. Eclater en morceaux (pierres de four); explode into pieces (oven stones) (Atl).
Tuamotu PN.FUU.1A Huu Any explosive sound, eructation
Easter Island EP.GA-FAQA.* ŋaʔaha Reventar; quebrarse; haber derrame (de sangre) . Crack, crevice, fissure; explosion; break, burst, crack, split, explode. Break (by shattering?, e.g. a bottle, window, cup, gox, table, etc.) (Wbr). Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan PN.KAFU.B Kaʔu The amnion; membrane enclosing the foetus ; external sheathing or protective covering of a plant
Ifira-Mele OC.KAKA.1A Mu/kaka Clothlike fibrous material enclosing base of Coconut palm fronds
Tahitian OC.KAKA.1A Aa The fibrous substance that grows on the cocoa nut tree; the husk or covering on the young branches of the breadfruit tree; the integuments inclosing the sugar-cane, bamboo, hoi, &c.; the scarf on the skin of a new born infant or other young animals; the skin inside of animals to which the fat about the kidneys adheres; a sieve, or strainer, such as is used for the pia or arrowroot
Motu PN.TALO-TALO Talotalo Plante (Celosia argentea) (sa feuille contient une gomme cicatrisante)
Vaeakau-Taumako NP.LEWA.1 Leva Be unstable, on the point of falling, almost losing one's balance, fall
Takuu PN.LEQO.2 Lo/lo/sii, lo/ro/sii (pl. lollosii) Watch over something or someone; protect
Rarotongan PN.LOHOLOHO Rooroo Unopened sheath of the coconut palm which contains the flowering and fruiting elements; the spathe of coconut palm ; the sheath enclosing the spadix of coconut palm
Sikaiana PN.MAKI Maki/unu Tuberculosis
East Futuna PN.MAALOSI Maalosi Strong (of humans)
Samoan PN.MAALOSI Maalosi Strong
Kapingamarangi CP.MUNA Muna Vertical movement of mouth (as in opening and closing)
Waya MP.PAA.1 Baa A fence or wall enclosing an area
East Futuna PN.PAA.5 Paa/paa Loud noise (as an explosion)
East Uvea PN.PAA.5 Paa Eclater, claquer, détoner; se rompre, se briser, crever; éclat, détonation, explosion
East Futuna PN.PAKOO Pakoo Sharp, explosive sound
East Uvea PN.PAKOO Paako Bruit d'un coup; eclat; explosion Btn)
Penrhyn PN.PANI.3 Paa/pani Feast held on the Monday just after the second Sunday of the year for closing the One-week Prayer at the beginning of the year
Anuta AN.POPO.1 Popo Decayed. To be decayed to the point of the object's losing its original identity (Fbg).
Hawaiian PN.SALULU Halulu Roar, explosion, loud noise, racket; to roar, thunder
Kapingamarangi PN.SALULU Halulu Sound of slamming or explosion; sharp report
Nukuoro PN.SALULU Salulu Noise of an explosion or loud report (as when two things collide)
Rarotongan PN.SALULU ʔAruru Loud noise or sound, such as an explosion, impact of one object against another, report of gun, thunder etc
Marquesas NP.SUU.2 Hu Pet, peter, vent. Explosion (Lch).
Tongan PN.TAKAI Takai Revolve, rotate, move in a more or less circular path; wind around; surrounding, encircling, enclosing; all around
Tikopia FJ.TA-PONO Taapono Close, as lid of box; bring together, as closing two halves of breadfruit which has been cut open
Penrhyn CP.TAUME Taume Dry flower sheath; flower sheath of coconut tree, spathe enclosing flowers
New Zealand Maori CE.TEE.1 Tee Emit sharp explosive sound, crack; squeak ; fart
Luangiua EC.LESI Losi Sneak up quietly Problematic
Waya CP.TAUME Saamoa Hard sheath or calyx enclosing flower of coconut (used as torch); coconut flower before sheath bursts
Samoan PN.MAALOSI Ivi maalosi Tibia
Tongan PN.SUMU.3 Humu A dark patch of nebulosity near the Southern Cross (Makemson 1941), presumably the Coal-Sack.
Tuamotu MQ.FIRI-FIRI Firifiri, hirihiri The net-like structure enclosing the stomach of a pig Uncertain Semantic Connection
Easter Island EP.KEWA.2 Haka/keba To aim with a weapon, closing one eye
Anuta PN.FAKA-PULU-PULU Paka/puro/nga To close something up; the closing of something Problematic