#41: Association (Most General Social Actions).

Reconstruction Description
AAPULU Crowded; to sink (esp. of overcrowded vessel)
AATI Join together as a group (of people): (`)aati
ALAFI To lead
ALOA To treat with kindness and respect
ANO.1 Desolate
ATI.2 Keep a lookout for, wait for
FAKA-POI-POI Show respectful or deferential behaviour
FAKA-SELE To show love or care for; person loved or cared for
FAKA-SOA Pair off, make couples, put together
FAKA-TASI Join, together
FAKA-TONU.C To judge, order, instruct, regulate, settle differences
FE-HAGA-I To meet, encounter, confront
FE-KITE See or meet one another
FE-LAAWE-QI Meet up with
FE-QILO-AKI See or know one another
FEKAU.A Command, send with a message; message, errand
FELAU Care for
FEQAO Escort, protector; companion. to accompany, look after
FIRINAKI Lean on; rely on
FUHI.B Be in a group; group (of animate beings); gather, assemble
FUI Ten, of coconuts (Hwd)
GAHAU Invitation, entertainment
GAOGAO Empty, deserted
GORO Feast
HUU.2 Take refuge
IPO Lover
KAFI Invite
KATOFA Appoint a time
KAU-MEQA Associate, friend
KAU-NA Order, command, send on an errand
KAU.7 Take part, join
KUTU.2 Gather, assemble, collect; together
LAATUQU Depart under particular circumstance
LAAWAKI Deserted, abandoned
LAFU.2 Prohibit
LAU.4 Harmonize
LEQO.2 Guard, look after
LIKO.4 Chase away
MALU.C Protection, protected, protector
MESA-MESA Lonely; apprehensive
MISI.A Grieve for
MUI Assemble, gather round, swarm over, cluster
MUMU Crowded together
NANI Seek attention
NITI Tight, crowded (Rby): *(n,g)iti
PAAEA Orphan, friendless
PAAKANI To compete
PAATARI Entice, attract

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