Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
FAKA-RIKI Make small, make into small pieces
FAKA-RITE Compare, show similarity
FAKA-ROGO Hear, listen, obey
FAKA-RUA.1 Twice; to do twice, do a second time, repeat
FAKA-RUA.2 North-east (wind)
FAKA-RUKU Dive for fish
FAKA-RURU To shelter
FAKA-SAA To show
FAKA-SANI Tie two coconuts together by partially husked fibre
FAKA-SEKE Slide deliberately, play at sliding, surf
FAKA-SELE To show love or care for; person loved or cared for
FAKA-SESEE Lead astray: *faka-(se)see
FAKA-SIKU Make an ending, cut short
FAKA-SOA Pair off, make couples, put together
FAKA-TAFA Be on one side, go to one side; step aside, get out of the way
FAKA-TAGI Play (musical instrument)
FAKA-TASA Together
FAKA-TASI Join, together
FAKA-TAU Buy, sell
FAKA-TAU- Reciprocal prefix
FAKA-TELE Sail (vt), steer, navigate
SF FAKA-TEMU Touch lightly
FAKA-TERE-TERE Race canoes; practice sailing; sail toy canoes
FAKA-TIKA Agree, accept, allow
FU FAKA-TILI To increase biologically, produce offspring
FAKA-TIU.* North-west wind
FAKA-TOFUTOFU Give everyone a share
FAKA-TOKA Begin, do for first time; get ready, prepare
FAKA-TONU.A To make straight, true or correct
FAKA-TONU.B To accept or present something as true or correct
FAKA-TONU.C To judge, order, instruct, regulate, settle differences
FAKA-TOO.A Cause to fall, drop; lay (egg)
FAKA-TOO.B Descend, go down
FAKA-TOSI Labour, effort, strain, esp. of childbirth: *faka-(to)tosi
FAKA-TULI To act as though deaf; disobey
FAKA-TUPU.A Cause to grow, raise, rear
FAKA-TUPU.B To create, start, originate, cause
FAKA-TUPU.C To cause to rise, heap up, pile up; to gather, meet
FAKA-TUPU.D Take the form of, appear as, be transformed into
FAKA-TUQU Set up, establish; begin
FAKA-TURI Sexual immorality
TO FAKA-TUU Aggressive display
FAKA-UMI-UMI Reluctant
FAKA-WAA Judge (n,v)
FAKA-WAKA A handle, provide with a handle
FAKA-WALE Behave irrationally or foolishly; deceive
FAKA-WAQE Lay the foundation
NO FAKAA Coconut husk
FU FAKAALA Provide food, make contribution of food
FAKANAVA Tree sp. (Cordia subcordata)

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