Lau entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.IKA.A Ia Taxon including fish and large marine animals (dugong, porpoise, whale) (Ami)
AN.LALO.A Lalo Within (Fox)
OC.LASE Lade Branching coral. Living coral (Akm). (Fox)
MP.LASO.A Lato Testicles (Fox)
EO.LAQU.1 Lau Snatch, seize, kidnap, carry off by force (Fox)
AN.LIHA Lite Nit (Fox)
AN.ROGO.1A Rongo Listen (Fox)
OC.MA.4 Ma Copulative conjunction, and (Ivs)
MP.MAHUKU Masuu Forest (Ivs)
MP.MAMI Mamasi-a Sweet (Ivs)
PN.MANATU Manat/a Think Problematic (Ivs)
EO.MAUII Mou(mou)li Left hand, be left-handed (Fox)
EO.MAUII Ma(ma)uli Left hand (Fox)
AN.MAQURI Mori Be alive (Fox)
OC.MITI.3A Misi Call a dog by making sucking sound with lips Problematic (Ivs)
MP.MURI.1A Buri The back; behind, after; stern, rear Borrowed (Fox)
AN.-NA.1 Na This, these, that; follows the noun (Ivs)
PN.NAQA.1 Na To be satisfied, of the mind (Ivs)
MP.NAMO Namo Deep water in a lagoon (Ivs)
AN.NIFO Nifo Tooth (Fox)
OC.NOFO Nofo Dwell (Fox)
PN.OLA.1 Im/ola Human being Problematic (Fox)
CE.PAPA-ARIGA Babalina Cheek Problematic (Fox)
OC.PEPE Bebe Moth, butterfly (Ivs)
NP.PILI.1B Biri Be close together (Ivs)
OC.PIPI.2 Bibili A tree (Thespesia populnea) (Gty)
AN.PITO.1 Buto Navel (Ivs)
OC.POLO.1 Boboro Shrub with clusters of black berries (Fox)
MP.PONO.1 Bo/bono/ Closed, stopped up (Ivs)
PN.PUSA.1 Puta Parcel, packet, roll Problematic (Ivs)
MP.PUSI.1 Pusi Semen (Fox)
MP.PUSI.1 Pusu Flow out, burst out; puff, explode (Fox)
OC.SALI.1 Tara Be drifted. (Ivs)
MP.SAU.1 Oru Dew (Gty)
EO.SAQU.2 ʔAu Lift (Ivs)
AN.SUU.1 Sulu Liquid, oil, juice, sap (Fox)
AN.TAQE.1 Ae Faeces, excrement (Fox)
OC.TAFA.2 Afa Cut, incise (Fox)
OC.TAFE Afe Current at sea, waves. Tide, tidal movement (Akm). (Fox)
AN.TAGI.A Aangi Cry (Fox)
MP.TAHI.1 Asi Sea, saltwater, a fishing ground (Ivs)
AN.TANU Ano Bury (Fox)
MP.TII.1 Dili (Draecena) with thin green leaves (Fox)
EP.TINI.1B Sin/olo Ten packets of fish, bunches of betel nut, large garfish (Fox Problematic (Fox)
FJ.TULE.2 Duli/na Erect the penis (Fox)
AN.TURI Bou/uru/uru Knee (Fox)
OC.UQA.1A Lua Neck (Ivs)
MP.QULUGA Urunga Pillow (Ivs)
MP.QUME ʔUme Black, flattish fish the size of a mullet (Fox)
MP.QUME Ume Unicorn Fish (Ivs)

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