Tuamotu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.FOA.A Hoa To thunder (Stn)
MP.FOHE Hoe Paddle (Stn)
PN.FOHU Hou To drill, gouge out, bore (Stn)
EO.FOKI.1 Hoki Return v (Stn)
PN.FOKI.2 Hoki So, therefore, then, indeed (Stn)
AN.FOLA Hora Spread (Stn)
PN.FOLA-FOLA Hora To expound, declaim publicly, to make public Problematic (Stn)
PN.FORE Ho/hore/ Strip v (Stn)
PN.FOLO Horo Swallow, ingest (Stn)
OC.FONO.1A Hono Join v (Stn)
FJ.FONO.2A Hono Retinue (Stn)
PN.FONO.3 Hono/kava Food served with kava (Stn)
PN.FONO.3 Hono Food/drink to disguise unpleasant taste, side-dish with intoxicating beverage (Stn)
AN.FONU.2 Honu Turtle (Stn)
CC.FOTA.1B Hota To cough (Stn)
CE.FOTU.4 Hotu Fifteenth or seventeenth night of lunar cycle. Nights from 13 to 17 (Aud). (Stn)
CE.HOU Hou Perspiration, sweat (Stn)
AN.FOQOU Hoou Young, new (Stn)
PN.FUU.1A Huu Any explosive sound, eructation (Stn)
AN.FUA.3A Hua Fruit (Stn)
EC.FUA.3B Hua Male genitalia (Stn)
EP.FUA.3C Hua Full moon. Nineteenth day of the lunar cycle. Night of the moon between 10th and 13th (Aud). (Stn)
PN.FUAFUA.2A Huahua Pimple, blackhead (Stn)
NP.FUAAGA Huaaŋa Progeny of the gods, deified ancestors (Stn)
PN.FUATA.1A Huata Spear (Poetic) (Stn)
NP.FUE.1B Hue Variety of gourd (Stn)
CE.HUERO Huero Seed, pit of any fruit, the pits of which are inedible (Stn)
NP.FUUFAA Huha Thigh (Stn)
EC.FUGA.2 Huŋa/huŋa Small particles, scraps, to crumble (Stn)
OC.FUGAO Huno Related by marriage, to be (Stn)
PN.FUGOWAI.* Huŋaavae Parent in law (Stn)
PN.FUHI.B Hui Congregate, flock together (Stn)
NP.FUKA.2 Huka Foam (Stn)
MP.FUKE.A Huke Expose by uncovering, dig up, excavate (Stn)
MP.FULI.1 Huri Turn (round or over) (Stn)
MP.FULU.1 Huru Hair, feather (Stn)
NP.FULU.3 Huru Likeness, similarity, semblance, kind, sort, variety, species, nature, essential character, disposition, form (Stn)
AN.FUNA.1A Huna Conceal (Stn)
CE.FUNA.2 Huna The thirtieth night of the lunar cycle, according to one list (Stn)
EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunooŋa Son-/daughter-in-law (Stn)
PN.FUNE.1 Hune Core of breadfruit, core of Pandanus (Stn)
NP.FUNE.2 Hunehune Prickly-heat, the itch (Stn)
AN.FUTI.1 Huti Haul, pull up, pull out (Stn)
AN.FUTI.1 Huti/a Drawn up, pulled up (Stn)
AN.FUTU Hutu (Barringtonia) (Stn)
OC.-GA -ŋa Gerundive suffix (Stn)
EO.GAA.1 ŋaa Breathe, take deep breath (Stn)
CE.GAA.2B ŋaa Particle of limited plurality; the several, the few (Stn)
EP.GA-FAQA.* ŋaafaa A violent extrusion, extrude violently, form a fissure (Stn)
EP.GA-FAQA.* ŋafaa Burst open, split apart, crack (Stn)

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