Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MA-TILA Bamboo; bamboo fishing rod; bamboo knife
MAA-TINO Be realised, known, determined: *maa-(s,t)ino
MATO Precipice, steep place, cliff
MA-TOFI.A Be split in two
MATUQA.B Main, principal; also in expressions for "thumb" and "big toe"
MAATUQA Plural of matuqa.c, parent
MATUKU.A Reef Heron (Demigretta sacra)
MAQU.1 Fixed, firm; constant, persistent, permanent; caught, stuck, snagged
MAQU-A Hold, take, obtain, find
MAQU-QALUGA High, higher, high-ranking
MAQUGA Mountain
MAAUI Name of a legendary hero
MAUMAU.1 Spoiled, wasted
MAUMAU.2 Unfortunate
MAUNU Bait: *m(a(a),o(o))-unu
MAA-UNU Slip off, peel off, be loosened or removed: *ma(a)-unu
KI-MAA-UTOLU First person exclusive plural pronoun (independent): *(ki)maa-utolu
MA-WAHE Separated, divided, parted: *ma(a)wahe
MA-WETE Untied, loosened, separated: *ma(a)wete
MA-WEU.* Disordered, disarranged, in confusion
MEQA.A Thing
MEAQA.* Clean
MEGE Shrivelled, wrinkled
MEI.1 From
MEI.3 Flinch, draw back
MEI.4 Almost, nearly
MELE.1 Reject; defective
MELO Red/brown (Clk)
ME-MEA Goatfish sp., (Mulloidichthys sp.)
MENE Shrink back, withdraw, contract; round, fat
MIGI Curly (of hair)
MIGO Wrinkled, shrivelled (Clk)
MILI Rub, massage; handle (v)
MILO.2A Twist (by hand), as in twining thread, wringing out
MISA Dry up, recede (of water), hence emerge (Ebt)
MISI.A Grieve for
MITI.1 Dream
MO And, with
MOA.1 Fowl (Gallus gallus)
MOA.2 Rip (of sea)
MOA.4A Flower-bud of banana, which is cone-shaped, like a whipping top and the head of traditional dart; *moa(moa)
MOA-MOA Boxfishes (Ostraciontidae): *mo(a)(moa)
MOANA Sea beyond the reef, ocean
MOGAMOGA Cockroach
MOHE-GA Bed, sleeping place, sleeping mat
MOHE-RAGA Sleeping mat

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