Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
PA-KAKA Dry, stiff
PAKAU Thin, lean: *paka(paka)(u)
PAKEE Sharp sound, crack
PAKI.2 Paddle-shaped instrument used when dancing
PAKIA.1 Be hurt, wounded
PAKO A sedge (Cyperus sp.)
PAKOO Noise of an explosive nature
PAKOKO.A Dry and warped into a concave shape
PAKOLA Slain victim; defeated in battle (Clk)
PAKUU.A Make sudden (loud) noise
PALA.1A Ripe, soft
PALA.1B Rotten, decayed, wet
PALA.3 Pustulous sore
PALA.4 Smear, smudge: *pala(-i,-ngi,-si)
PALAA Feather, plume: *pala(q)(a)
PAQALA A fish, Wahoo
PALALAA A kind of noise
PALA-PALA Mud, dirt, filth; dirty, mucky, filthy
PALA-TAO Fern sp: *pal(a,e)tao
PALA-TUQU Over-ripe, of fruit
PALAU To boast, brag
PALE.1A Ward off; protection, defense
PALE.2 Head-dress
PALE.3A Steer a canoe; row a boat
PALI.2 Front of body below navel
PALU.1 Oilfish (Ruvettus pretiosus)
PAANAKI Stand next to
PANE.A Blunt or knoblike projection
PANI.3 Ritual humbling of self or others; prayer, supplication (Rby)
PAO.1 Strike something with something else, as in hammering nail, using mallet, playing bowls
PAO.2 Fringe, tassle
PAOPAO Dugout canoe
PAPA.1B Flat hard surface; flat, level (adj).
PAPA-A-TUQA Small/flat of back: *pa(a)pa(a)-tuqa
PA-SEKE Slip, slide
PAASI Tired of, bored with
PATA.1B Spot or mark, blemish on skin; spotty, pimply
PATA.3 Coarse (sand, gravel), made of large particles
PAATA Loud-mouthed, boastful: *pa(a)ta(pa(a)ta)(i)
PAA-TA-TOO Type of noise
PATOO.1 Sharp, abrupt noise
PATU.2 Callus, lump, tumour
PAQAUA Fish species
PE Or, whether: *p(e,o)
PEE- Be like
PEGU Blunt
PEE-HENA (Be) like that (near you)
PEE-HENI Like this
PEQI An exclamation (Rby): *pe(q)i
PEKE.2A Twisted, bent, crooked, stunted

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