Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MOHE-TORO Seduce by approaching secretly at night
MO-QI Small thing or portion
MOKA.3 A kind of fish-trap
MOKO.3 Cold
MOKOPUNA Grandchild: *m(a,o)kopuna
MOLE.1 Extinct, exterminated; to disappear
MOLE.2 Smooth
MORI.A To offer, present
MOLOKAU.A Centipede
MOMI Suck up food without chewing
MO-MOHE To sleep together; to have sexual intercourse
MONI Consume food (perhaps in a particular manner)
MOSO.1A Sooty rail (Porzana tabuensis)
MOSO.2 Cooked
MOTIKAKA Piece of coconut fibre
MOTI-MOTI Light rain, drizzle
MOTO.1 Strike with fist
MOTO.2A Unripe, green
MUU.1 Flying insect
MUQA.B Postposed verbal particle of deference or politeness (Clk)
MUQA-KI Be first, lead
MUKA.1A Young shoot, new leaves: *muk(a,o)
MUKA.2 That which is white
MURI.1B Back end, lower end, piece, part
MURI.1C Young, immature
MURI-FANUA End of the land, cape, point
MURI-WAI Mouth of river
MULU.1 Wipe, rub; rub off; strip off
MULU.2 Reluctant, recalcitrant
MURU Warm oneself at fire
MUMU Crowded together
MUSU.1 Mutter, mumble, hum, whisper
NA.3 Past tense marker
-NA.4 Third person singular possessive marker
NA.4 Third person singular preposed subject pronoun
NAA.2 Respectful; hesitant
NAQA.1 Become quiet (of a crying child); pacified
NAQA.2 Lest
NAQA.3 Keep for oneself
NAFA A wooden drum
NAIUFI Shark sp: *n(a)iufi
KI-NAA-RUA Third person dual pronoun (independent): *(ki)naa-(r)ua
NAO Insert hand in a hole feeling for something, probe, grope
FUAFUA.2B Swelling (body part)
KI-NAA-UTOLU Third person plural pronoun (independent): *(ki)naa-(u)tolu
NE Past tense marker
NEFU.2A Clouded (of atmosphere or water)

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