Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
NENE Orgasm, sensory pleasure
NEWA.A Wander, move aimlessly or unsteadily
NIKO Circular or curved; to go in circles or in curves
NIMO.1 Vanish, forget
NIMO.2 Vertigo: *(ni-)nimo
NINI.3 Smear, daub, rub on
NOA.2 Postposed particle signifying non-restriction; just, only, without limit, without result
NOFO-A Seat: *nofo-(q)a
NOGA Tranquil and at ease
NOU.1 To make a jerking movement
NUMI.1 Fold, crumple, crease
QO Sequential same-actor verbal particle: *(q)o
OO.1 Tuna baitfish, such as the fry of Siganus or Caesio spp. (Hpr)
OO.2 Yes, response to call: *(q)oo
OO.3 To go (plural subject)
OQO Able to enter or be contained
OQA Topstrakes of a canoe
OFO.A To wake up (early or suddenly), regain consciousness
OI.2 Exclamation of surprise or distress
OQI.A To mash, knead, mix food
OKI.2 To rest: *(q)oki
OKO.1 Gather something
OLA.1 Be alive, well, healthy (not dead, ill)
OLA.2 Shrub sp
QORA Fishing basket
OLA-WAI A tree (Psychotria sp.)
OLI.1 Move (esp. back and forth, to and fro): *oli(oli)
OLO.2 Low-pitched sound; coo (of pigeons or doves)
OMA.1 Be swift
OMA.2 Sponge
QOMAKI Eat and drink at the same time
ONA-POO Days, times
QONO.2 Mend (net)
QONO.3 Look at; stare at
QOPO Put things together in contact with each other
OSI Young shoot, sucker
QOSO Rush, dart, charge, pounce on
PAA.4 Plate, platter, bowl
PAA.5 Burst, explode, sudden loud noise
PAQA Barren (of a woman)
PAE.2 Mother
PAQE Be cast ashore, drift
PAE-GA.A Stone platform; stone pile for retting coconut husk
PAEKO Feeble, shaky
PAE-PAE Stone surround of a structure
PAGOGO Fish sp. (Clk)
PAKA.2 Crab
PAKA-.3 Lower part of trunk

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