Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
PEKEPEKE Coconut cream sauce
PELE.1 Beloved
PELUPELU A small fish
PENA.1B Prepare; get something ready, attend to, take care of
PENA.2 Strap, such as a belt, halter, snare; to bind up, wrap
PEQE-SI.A Throw down, beat down, fall on
PEWA Crescent-shaped object
PIKI.2 Cramp, to have the cramp, be numb
PILAU Decayed, stinking
PILI-PILI Octopus, cuttlefish
PILITA A yam (Dioscorea pentaphylla)
PILO To stink (of excrement), putrid
PI-PIKI Close eyes
PISI.2 Limpet (Patella sp.)
PISI.3 To affect, strike (as a disease)
PITO.2 End, extremity; small piece
TUQA-.2B Ordinalising prefix
POA.2 Yam sp
POGA.1 A tree fern (Cyathea sp.)
POGA-POGA Defective or diseased (especially of fruit)
POGI.1 Dazed, dull-witted
POGI.2 Dark-coloured variety of taro
POI.C Irregular motion
POI.A Sudden movement: flinch, start, jump, blink
POKA.1 Castrated, sterile
POKA.2 Large, swollen
POOKAI To coil (as rope or string), wrap up
POKI.1 Cover over, catch in cupped hands
POO-KIA Seized, pounced on, grabbed
POKO.2 Hole, cavity, hollow
POKO.3 Slap (esp. slap body as challenge)
POLATA Banana stem (Rby)
PORO.1 Give instructions, make announcement
PORO-QAKI Give instructions (on parting)
PONA Knot, joint, swelling
PONE Surgeonfish (Acanthurus sp.)
POO-NIU.1 Early stage in formation of coconut
POTU.1 End, piece, section; end of a village; sleeping area at end of house
POO-QULI Dark night, darkness, night
POU-MULI A tree (Flueggea [= Securinega] flexuosa)
PUU.2 Hole; perforated, punctured, holed
PU-QAKI Spit out, belch, vomit
PUGA.2A Swelling, abscess
PUI.A Shut off, shut up, enclose: *(pu(i))pui
PUKA-TEA A tree (Pisonia sp.)
PUKE.2 Well up, flood
PUKE.3 Seize, grasp
PUKE.4 Bow and stern decking of a canoe
PUKU.2 Short; compact, rounded; hunch, curl up (body or part): *puku(puku)

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