Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
PUKU.2 Short; compact, rounded; hunch, curl up (body or part): *puku(puku)
PULE.2 Have authority; exert authority
PULOTU.2 Composer of songs
PULU.4 A wrap, to wrap something round someone
PULU.6 Lead (metal)
PUNAGA Refuge, hiding-place
PUNI.1A Prevent access or egress by surrounding completely; blocking up, bringing ends to meet
PUNOU Bow down
PUNUA Young (especially of birds), nestling
PUPU.A Crowded, close together (of plants or people); dense, thick (vegetation), overgrown, littered; clump (of vegetation)
PUSA.1 Box n
PUSAKE Belch, eructate
PUSAKI Be scented, perfumed; blow out
PUSO.2 Head (esp. of fish)
PUTA.2 Fat, bulging, bloated; bubble, blister
PUTO Catch in net
PUTU.2 Funeral feast, offering to the gods (Rby)
SAA.2 Appear, emerge (Clk)
SAQA.2 Family, clan
SAQELE Go on foot, walk
SAFE.4 Menstrual pad
SAFOLE Fish sp. (Kuhlia sp.)
SAFULE Strip off leaves: *sa(a)fule
SAGO Small branches from a tree for kindling
SA-GULU Grumble, rumble: *sa(a)gulu
SAA-KALO Scrape out, scoop out
SAKE.3 Move in an upwards direction
SAKI Throw down, throw away, expel: *saki-na
SAA-KILI.1 Look for, search for
SAKO Straight, erect
SALII A small fish
SALULU Loud, low-pitched sound; roar, rumble, boom, thud
SAMA.1 Wife
SAA-MOLE Smooth, hairless
SAMU.1A Eat scraps
SAMU.1B To eat one food only at a meal
SAMU-TI.1 Snatch
SANA.2 Job`s Tears (Coix sp.), which are round and pearly-white and used for necklaces
SAPATUU Fish (Sphyraena sp.)
SAPOTU To pant
SAPUTU Fish sp. (Lutjanus sp.) *sa(a)putu
SASAWE Fish sp., Flying-fish
SAU.7 (In compounds) Temperament, disposition
SAQU.1 Come, singular subj
SAUMI.1 Banana variety

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