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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tokelau SO.GAA-TAI Gaatai Seawards
Niue PN.GAQATI Gati Empty container (usually with qualifier): shell (of coconut or shellfish), tin, drum
Tongan PN.GAQATI Ngaʔasi Shell, husk, pod, empty container
Tuamotu PN.GATU.1 ŋatu Stained, worn out, thread-bare (as old cloths)
Tahitian MP.GUTU.A ʔUtu Lèvre, bouche; bec des oiseaux; museau des mammifères et de certains poissons
Tahitian MP.GUTU.A Utu The lip, bill of a bird, edge of a thing; the long snout of certain fishes
New Zealand Maori PN.HAGA.2 Anga Face, move (in a certain direction)
Tongan PN.HAGA.2 Hanga Turn (so as to face in a certain direction)
Rarotongan CE.HIRI.1 ʔIri Dark, red juice from bark of Candlenut tree. Red-brown dye obtained from the bark of the candlenut tree (Bse).
East Futuna PN.HOKO.1 Soko Se dérouler; s'engager; poursuivre (construction, bataille) Problematic
Nuguria MP.FAU.A Tai/hau Tree sp.
Penrhyn OC.HULI.1 Uri/uri Bartail fusilier, tricolor fusilier (Pterocaesio tile)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.KA.1 Ka Particle signifying immediate and/or certain future
Tongan PN.KA.1 Ka Future tense marker in certain subordinate clauses
Nukuoro MP.KAFA.1 Gaha Portion of coconut husk from which long fibres obtained
Fijian FJ.KAFA.3 Kava Fish like kanace, black gills and reddish tail
Pukapuka NP.KAI.8 Kei I don't know (expression of uncertainty) Problematic
Anuta PN.KAINAGA Kainanga Certain social groups said to be descendants of early invaders; clan
Tahitian PN.KA-KANO.1 Aano Sperm or seed of certain fishes; seeds; the red berries of the hauou or pua tree; seeds of gourds, pumpkins, melons, and cucumbers
Tuamotu PN.KA-KANO.1 Kakano The small fry of a certain variety of fish
Tokelau PN.KAKE Kake Climb (of tree, mountain)
Mangareva PN.KALAGA Karaga War cry. Cris et chants d'appel pour la guerre, ou de simple réunion...; gesticulation, gesticuler; bruit lointain pendant la nuit
East Futuna CP.KAALEWA Kaaleva Long-tailed Cuckoo
Kapingamarangi CP.KAALEWA Gele/gelewe Bird sp. (Urodynamis taitensis)
Mangareva CP.KAWE-KAWE-HAA Kakaveka Oiseau de terre (Urodynamis taitensis)
Marquesas CP.KAALEWA Kaaʔevaʔeva Long-tailed New Zealand Cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis)
Niue CP.KAALEWA Kalue. Kaluue, kaalue (McE). Long-tailed Cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis) Phonologically Irregular
Pukapuka CP.KAALEWA Kaaleva Long-tailed Cuckoo (Urodynamis taitensis)
Rarotongan CP.KAALEWA Karavia Long-tailed New Zealand Cuckoo, (Eudynamis taitensis)
Samoan CP.KAALEWA ʔAaleva Long-tailed New Zealand Cuckoo, (Eudynamis taitensis)
Tahitian CP.KAALEWA ʔAarevareva Coucou migrateur (Eudynamis taitensis)
Tikopia CP.KAALEWA Kaareeva Long-tailed New Zealand Cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis)
Tokelau CP.KAALEWA Kaaleva Long-tailed cuckoo (Eudynamis sp.)
Tongan CP.KAALEWA Kaleva Long-tailed New Zealand Cuckoo, (Eudynamis taitensis)
Tongan CP.KAALEWA Kaleveleva Long-tailed New Zealand Cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis)
Tuamotu CP.KAALEWA Karevareva, kuurevareva Long-tailed Cuckoo, (Urodynamis taitensis)
Marquesas CE.KARIOI Kaʔioi Lubrique, sensuel, luxurieux. Jeunes vivant en groupes, non asujettis aux obligations du tapu.L'étude de la culture de leurs ancêtres et les préparatifs de la fête, étaient leurs occupations journalieres (Lch). Jeune homme, young man (Atl).
Tahitian CE.KARIOI Arioi A certain fraternity of players, that travelled thru the islands, and observed peculiar customs
Vaeakau-Taumako XO.KANO.1B Kano/etai People, all the people on an island, community [Nupani Dialect].
Tongan PN.KALU.A Kalu Thin more-or-less moist skin or membrane surrounding the flesh of certain fruits, e.g. each division of an orange
East Futuna PN.KALU-KALU Kalu-ʔi-tai Méduse
Marquesas PN.KANA.1 Kana/tai Sel, éponge
Rennellese CO.KAPIA Kapia Lime container made of coconut shell
Tikopia CO.KAPIA Kapia Lime, used with Betel nut, in hair bleaching, and as an alkali to turn (Morinda citrifolia) dye crimson; Bottle gourd used as a lime container
Waya MP.KATO.1 Kato Container with lid: case, box, trunk, basket ...
Tongan PN.KAU.2A Kau Bunch (of plantains or bananas)
Tahitian AN.KAU.3 Au A mountain tree of sweet odour
Takuu PN.KAU.4 Kau- Stalk, stem, solid handle of an object, branch of a tree, underground runner of certain plants (e.g. yam, banana). Sticks of fish net (kupena) (Hwd).
Tongan PN.KAU.7 Kau (Mo) to side with; ('i) to be a part or member of, to be one of, to take part in; (ki) to belong to, to pertain or relate to, be favourable or conducive to
Hawaiian CE.KAU-NATI.* ʔAunaki Firestick, stick rubbed in obtaining fire by friction