#12: Location.

Reconstruction Description
FAKA-HAGA To cause to face in a particular direction; hold a baby in position to urinate or defecate
FAKA-QATU.A Arrange in row or line
FAKA-TAFA Be on one side, go to one side; step aside, get out of the way
FAKA-TASA Together
FAKA-TASI Join, together
GA-TASI United, together, equal (Rby): *ga(a)tasi
HAGA.2 Turn or face in a particular direction
HAGAI Face towards, be opposite
HEKI Stick out, protrude
HILI To place or be placed on top of something; be caught in a high place; (of canoe) run aground
KAAPITI.1 Unite, join, combine
KOO-PEKA.2 Place across
KORO-PEKA Criss-cross
KUTU.2 Gather, assemble, collect; together
LAFI.2 Keep close to, shelter, hide
LOTO-TONU Centre, middle
MA-MUA Before
MA-MURI Behind, afterwards, following
MA-WAHE Separated, divided, parted: *ma(a)wahe
MA-WESE Divided, separated
MAMAQO Far off, distant
MAQU-LALO Low, humble
MAQU-QALUGA High, higher, high-ranking
MUQA-KI Be first, lead
MURI.1A Behind, after, to follow, be last
NAQA.4 Be located
NOFO Sit, dwell
OFI.A Be near
PAANAKI Stand next to
PILI.1A Adhere, stick to; sticky
PILI.1B Be close to, next to; joined to, together
PUTU.1 Be close together, bunched up, assembled (of people)
QARO.B Underside, inner surface: *qaro(-qaro)
QOPO Put things together in contact with each other
QUNU Move over, move along; approach, draw near
RARA.2 Side, to be on the side, move to the side
REPE Fringe, flap esp. of body; to hang or dangle: *repe(-repe)
SAFE.2 Hang
SOKO.1 Join; continue
TAA-WERE Hang free, be suspended
TAATAI.2 Connect, put in order
TAFA.1A Side, edge; beside
TAFA.1B Outside; away
TATA.1 Near
TAU-MAMAQO Far off, very distant
TAU-PILI Follow closely, be closely associated

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