Fijian entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.LAI Lai River fish (Cpl)
MP.LAKA.1 Laka/wa Take a step (Cpl)
MP.LAKA.1 Lako Go (Cpl)
PN.LAKA.2 Draka To spread (of a sore) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cpl)
PN.RAQA-KAU.A Kau Tree (Cpl)
OC.LAKI Draki Fine weather (Cpl)
OC.LAKI Raki/raki Place on north coast (Bgs)
AN.RAKU Kadru/va Scratch (Cpl)
OC.LALA.1 Drala sala A herb (Vitex trifolia) (Phm)
AN.RARA.1 Rara-ga Heat sticks or leaves in order to supple them, as banana leaves in which to do up puddings (Hzd)
AN.RARA.1 Rara Warm oneself at a fire (Cpl)
PN.RAQA-RAQA Dradra/i Suckers from yam tubers (Cpl)
EO.LALAFI Dradravi A fish (Cheilinus sp.) (Gty)
CP.LALI.1 Lali Wooden drum, bell (Cpl)
AN.LALO.A Lalo Inside (Cpl)
PN.KI-LAA-RUA Irau Third person dual pronoun (Cpl)
AN.RAMA Raama Cast light on (Cpl)
AN.RAMA Raama/raama Lamp of coconut shell filled with oil (Cpl)
EO.LAMU Drami Lick (Cpl)
AN.RANO Drano Lake, swamp (Cpl)
AN.RANU.A Dranu Fresh water, rinse in fresh water (Cpl)
MP.LAPA.1A Raba Breadth, width, broad, wide (Cpl)
FJ.LAPE Labe (Thalassoma sp.); Loris sp. (Gty)
OC.LASE Lase Coral (Cpl)
FJ.LASU Lasu Lie (deceive) (Cpl)
AN.LATA.1 Lasa Tame [Lau Dialect] (Gty)
FJ.LATA.2 Lata A weed (Plectranthus forsteri, Labiatae) (Cpl)
FJ.LATA.2 Lato (Metrosideros polymorphous) (Macuata) (Phm)
AN.LAU.1A Drau A leaf of a tree; a hair of the head (Cpl)
PN.RAU.1 Yara/rau/ Net made of coconut leaves (Cpl)
PN.RAU.2 Drau Hundred (Cpl)
FJ.RAU.3 Rau Dry grass or reeds for thatching houses (Cpl)
EO.LAQU.1 Lau Pierce with a spear (Cpl)
PN.LAULAU Draudrau The leaves on which food is served up; the cover or wrapper of anything (Cpl)
PN.LAU-QULU Drau-ni-ulu Hair of head (Cpl)
CE.RAU-MATI Mati Ebb (of tide) Problematic (Cpl)
PN.KI-LAA-UTOLU Iratou Cardinal pronoun, third person trial and limited plural (Cpl)
EO.LAWA.1A Rawa To be possible (Cpl)
AN.LAWA.2 Lawa Wrap in sennit (Cpl)
NP.LAAWAKI Lawaki Lie in ambush, deceive Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cpl)
MP.LAWE.1 Lawe Large feathers (Cpl)
SO.LE Le Shortened form of lewe a numeral particle preceding numbers indicating people Problematic (Cpl)
MP.REFU.1 Dravu Ashes; slacked lime (Cpl)
MP.REGA Re/rega/ Turmeric (Cpl)
FJ.LEKA.2 Leka/leka Short (Cpl)
FJ.LEKE.1 Dreke Hollow or cavity of a thing (Cpl)
CP.LEKILEKI Leqileqi Puzzlenut tree (Cpl)
OC.LELE.A Lele Ferry over a short distance (Hkt)
OC.LELE.A Rere Afraid (Cpl)
FJ.LEMO.1 Dromu Sink under water or below the horizon (Cpl)

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