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Protoform Item Description Source
NP.KOLI.1A Ori To shake (Dvs)
TA.KOORIGO ʔOoriʔo Prunelle de l'oeil (Lmt)
PN.KORO.1 Oro/feto To be choking; to be unable to eat or swallow on account of alarm; not eatable, as some kinds of food (Dvs)
TA.KOROI Oroi To turn, as the wind to another quarter; to alter the course, as a ship; to be out of perpendicular, as a wall, or a house (Dvs)
NP.KOLO-MAKI Faʔa/ʔoromaʔi Patience; supporter, prendre son mal en patience (Lmt)
NP.KOLO-MATUA Oromatua The skull of a dead relative preserved...the ghosts of the dead... (Dvs)
NP.KOLO-MATUA ʔOrometua Maître (Lmt)
EP.KOROUA Oroua Decrepit through age (Dvs)
NP.KOO-LUA ʔOorua Pronom personnel, deuxième personne duel, vous deux (Lmt)
CE.KOO-RUHE Oruhi A certain crab when out of the shell Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dvs)
CE.KOO-RURE.* Orure To provoke, stir up mischief (Lmt)
CE.KOO-RURE.* ʔOorure Se révolter (Lmt)
CE.KOMA.1 ʔOma Herminette pour tailler les pirogues (Lmt)
TA.KOMA.3 Omaoma Banter, deride, call ill-names; to make mouths in derision; vile, contemptuous, as speech (Dvs)
CE.KOO-MAKO O/ma/mao The name of a singing bird about the size of a sparrow (Dvs)
CE.KOO-MAKO O/ma/maʔo Tahitian Flycatcher (Pomarea nigra) (Clk)
CE.KOO-MENE Omene To double a stiff rope or break a stick Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dvs)
CE.KOO-MENE Omene/mene To roll up or coil a rope; to make a thing of a roundish shape Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dvs)
CE.KOO-MIGO ʔOomiʔo/miʔo Chiffonné, ridé (Lmt)
CE.KOO-MIRI Omiri To fondle over a person; to handle (Dvs)
PN.KOMO.1 Omo To introduce or put into, as food into a basket, property into a bag, &c. (Dvs)
PN.KOMO.1 ʔO/ʔomo Enfiler un vêtement, introduire dans un contenant (Lmt)
CE.KOO-MOTO ʔOomoto Coco dont l’amande est consistante sans être dure; cette amande (Lmt)
CE.KOO-MOTU Omotu A burning coal (Dvs)
NP.KOOMULI ʔOmuri Carangue de nuit (Caranx sexfasciatus) (Lmt)
EO.KONA.4 Ona/ona Acrid, unpleasant (Dvs)
NP.KO-NEI Onei Here, at this place (Dvs)
CE.KOO-NEKE ʔOoneʔe/neʔe Ramper, se traîner par terre, se dit de quelqu'un qui est assis et qui se pousse (Lmt)
NP.KOLI.1A Oni To climb a tree without the cord or line usually employed (Dvs)
SO.KONI Oni Mâle (de certains animaux dont la taille ne dépasse pas celle du cochon); un mâle Problematic (Lmt)
CE.KOO-NIFI Onihi Withdraw from a person; slide, glide, wear away (Dvs)
CE.KOONINI.1 Onini The first forming of the fruit or berries of some trees, after the blossom falls (Dvs)
CE.KOONINI.1 ʔOnini Plant name (???)
CP.KONO Ono/ono Insister Phonologically Irregular (Lmt)
CP.KONO O/ono To be pressing or urgent (Dvs)
TA.KOPA.3 Opa A corner, as of a room (Dvs)
CE.KOO-PANA Opana To turn out a stone with a handspike, or an iron bar; to poke or search for a thing with an instrument; to turn out a person from his possession; to rake out old grievances (Dvs)
TA.KOO-PANI Opani A door, shutter, or cover; the close or conclusion of a subject; to shut a door or window, to cover or close a thing; to conclude a subject (Dvs)
TA.KOO-PANI ʔOopani Porte de maison, de jardin; fermer une porte, une fenêtre, un coffre; interdire, fermer; terminer, clore un travail (Lmt)
TA.KOO-PAPA Opapa A fowl that has lost its tail (Dvs)
TR.KOO-PAPE ʔOopape Courant (Lmt)
CE.KOO-PATAPATA ʔOopatapata Tacheté (Lmt)
CE.KOO-PEE ʔOopee Pourri (se dit des fruits et des légumes) (Lmt)
CE.KOO-PEKA.1 ʔOopeʔa Hirondelle (Hirundo tahitica); salangane (Collocalia leucophaea) (Lmt)
CE.KOO-PEKA.2 Opea To lay things cross ways, such as fire-wood to dry; trellised, or put cross ways, as lattice work (Dvs)
CE.KOOPERU ʔOoperu Poisson de la famille des Carangidae (Decapterus pinnulatus) (Lmt)
NP.KOPE Ope To go and collect, bring all to one place (Dvs)
MP.KOPI.A ʔOpi Plisser (Lmt)
CE.KO-PIKO Opio/pio Rovingly, wanderingly (Dvs)
CE.KOO-PIRI ʔOo/pi/piri Peu prêteur, avare; garder pour soi-même, ne pas vouloir prêter ou donner (Lmt)

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