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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Sikaiana SO.MAQAA Maa Same-generation in‑laws (everyone spouse calls taina or kave; anyone who is a married to a taina or kave). (a respect relationship). Some speakers generalize this term to include all in‑laws, regardless of generation.
Nuguria EC.MA-FAGA Mahana Loose, free (e.g. rope); take off (of a bird)
Nuguria XO.MA-SIKE Masike, mahike (pl. mahhike) Arise, get up, wake up, stand up after sleep
Sikaiana CO.MAUA-KENA.* Mouakena Bird sp., seagull
Sikaiana PN.GATAQA Nataa/taa To make an effort, to engage oneself in some activity
Sikaiana PN.PORO-QAKI Polo The death wish or requests a dying man makes to his family
Sikaiana PN.PORO-QAKI Polo/polo A promise; to promise, to make a commitment, often to marry
Sikaiana PN.LAAKEI Laakei To be decorated with flowers
Samoan PN.SIKI.2 Si/siʔi To make a fringe
Rennellese PN.SIKI.2 Siki To finish house thatching by cutting extended endings; to make the final side of a mat, or final seam or hem of a dress
Tahitian OC.SIKI.1A Hii To dandle, nurse, take a child in the arms
East Uvea PN.HAKE.A Hake Monter, croitre, progresser Borrowed
East Futuna PN.HAKE.A Ake Se lever, monter dans le ciel (astre)
Tokelau PN.HAKE.A Ake Be washed ashore, be beached; (of fishermen or fishing expedition) come home, come ashore
Waya PN.HAKE.A Cake Climb up or on, ascend, mount
Tuamotu PN.HAKE.A Ake Go onto, upon
Ra'ivavae FJ.QARA Ara To wake up, be awake; to be watchful on one's guard against untoward events
Ra'ivavae MP.AKO Aʔo Decide, intend, make up one's mind to do; (mod.) counsel, advise, instruct
Ra'ivavae EO.GAA.1 ŋaa To breathe, take breath...draw in a deep breath...suck...assuage passion or desire by sucking
Ra'ivavae PN.GAQESE Gaaehe/ehe To make a soft rustling or rattling sound
Hawaiian CE.GAKI.B Naʔi Conquer, take by force
Tuamotu CE.GAKI.A ŋaki To occupy oneself with, apply oneself to the completion of; to cherish, nourish, take good care of; to serve devotedly...
Ra'ivavae CE.GERE ŋere To be deprived; to be not, not to be; to sequestrate ceremonially (as young maidens of the hare-nunu); to take prisoner, imprison, shut into
Ra'ivavae PN.KOKOLO ŋoro To make a gurgling sound Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae OC.SAE.1 Hae To be torn, lacerated, streaked
Ra'ivavae FJ.SAGA.1A Haŋa To make, build; to create; (mod.) to prepare, get ready
Ra'ivavae NP.FAA-QITA.* Haaita To make a grimace by twisting the jaw and drawing back the lips
Ra'ivavae EP.SAPE.B Hape Wrong, mistaken, badly performed; to diverge, wander from the path; to make a mistake
New Zealand Maori NP.EE-LAA Eeraa Determiner: those, away from speaker and listener
Kapingamarangi NP.KO-LAA Golo There (away from speaker and hearer) Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna NP.EE-NEI E nei Demonstrative pronoun, plural near speaker
Ra'ivavae FJ.SALU.2 Haru To seize, grasp vigorously or violently; to rape; to take by force
Ra'ivavae MP.SAKA.1 Haʔa To make violent physical motions...; to struggle, fight; dance; a war-dance...
Ra'ivavae CE.FAKA-PAGO Haʔapaʔo Take care of, look out for; pay attention to...obey...act with care... Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae PN.SEE.1 Hee Wrong, mistaken; to make a mistake; stray, go astray, miss or lose the way
Ra'ivavae NP.FIO Hio To whistle, make a thin, high, penetrating sound
Ra'ivavae EO.FILO Hiro To make or lay cord by affixing strands end to end and twisting; to twist strands together with the fingers...
Ra'ivavae MP.FITI.1A Hiti To start, make a sudden movement
Ra'ivavae CE.FITI-RERE Hitirere To be dumbfounded, taken completely by surprise; as by unexpected ill-news
Ra'ivavae PN.FAKA-SOA Haʔahooa To make friends with, become a comrade of
Ra'ivavae EC.FOO.3 Ho/hoo To make a fishing sweep smaller by doubling up the leaf-drag
Mangaia PN.PEE-HENI Peenei Possibility (adv.) Possibility, likely, maybe, could-be, etc, also peneiake Problematic
Ra'ivavae PN.SOI.3 Hoi Interjection: The enemy have appeared/are coming! We are taken by surprise! (frly) Alas! Alack!
Tokelau NP.EE-NEI Ieenei Plural Demonstrative particle. These (near speaker)
New Zealand Maori FJ.POKA.4 Poka Cut out, tear out, make a hole in or through; a hole, pit, well
Takuu PN.TAWAKE Tavake/toto Red-tailed tropicbird
Nukumanu PN.TAWAKE Tavake White-tailed tropicbird
Nukumanu PN.TAWAKE Tavake/toto Red-tailed tropicbird
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.HIFO.A He/iho/kia Get out, take out, [get down]; drop, leave
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.QEPU Hua/epu/a Make dirty; stir up