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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan EO.HOKA.2 Oko/oka Stake or pole driven into the sand and used for mooring a boat or canoe Borrowed
Samoan XW.PAGO.2 Pago To forbid things being given away in hopes of getting them for oneself; to make trading difficult by suggestions made to the trader by a third party; to interfere with trade so as to injure
Niue PN.QUTI.1 Pag/uti To make a light crackling sound [when eaten]
Niue OC.FITA.1 Pita Put together, make up. Problematic
Tongan AN.KOSI Kohii To make a scratching noise
Niue PN.PAKUU.A Pokuu, pohuu, tokuu To make a thudding sound or noise Phonologically Irregular
Niue NO.PA-TAKE Pootake, pootaki Shallow Problematic
Tongan PN.TAU-WALO Tauvalo/valo To shout out and make remarks in surprise or wonder
Nukuoro PN.TAU-WALO Daavalo Make a great deal of noise (vocal)
Rarotongan PN.TA-QIA Taia Make a net (passive) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan PN.TUPE.2 Tupe-ʔi To shake hard; shake out, shake off
Niue AN.FILI.1 Vili To vote, to cast lots; to elect to make a special visit
Rennellese PN.FAKA-SAA Hakasaa/saa To make protrude; to expose, insert
Niue XW.FAKA-QUGA-QUGA Fakaugauga To make small cuts, to chip
Tokelau XW.MAALIE.C Maalie Interjection in approval of performer or speaker
Fijian XW.KINAU Kinau(-taka) To take things to a person to do, because one does not know how to do them oneself; to let trade, etc. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rennellese OC.SAQO Saʔo/hie, saʔo/hia (Lake) To help, support Uncertain Semantic Connection
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAQELE Haele/akina, haele/angia Take care of children when they are small
Samoan NP.MOKO.1C Moʔo/tai The name of a fish, and in some places also of a sea snake (Pelamis bicolor). Name given to fishes belonging to genera Coris and Malacanthus (Mnr).
Vaeakau-Taumako FJ.PALI.1B Phili/ake Float ashore Problematic
Vaeakau-Taumako FJ.TOLO.3 Tolo umu Stick to stir in the earth oven to make it light up
New Zealand Maori EP.RURE Rure Shake something, brandish, dash upon, maltreat
Sikaiana PN.HAKE.C Aho ake Day after tomorrow
Sikaiana PN.HAKE.C HInaanahi ake Day before yesterday
East Futuna PN.HAKE.C I laa ake ai aso Naguère
Tikopia PN.HAKE.C Se poo ake foki A night onwards too (one more night)
Rarotongan PN.HAKE.C Kaare ake Not yet
Rarotongan PN.HAKE.C Ake/nei Just recently (postverbal)
Tuvalu PN.MAALOOLOO.B Malooloo To rest, take a vacation
Tuvalu NP.TEE-LAA Telaa Demonstrative (away from speaker and person spoken to), that, who, whom (singular)
Tuvalu PN.HAKE.A Ake Drift ashore
Tuvalu PN.FAKA-TUQU Fakatu To stop (car); raise up, make stand up, erect
Tuvalu PN.FAKA-WALE Fakavale/a To trick, deceive, make a person look like a fool
Tuvalu PN.MAQU-LALO Maulalo Deep (of water or holes); high (of cliffs, trees etc. when speaker is at the top); low
Tuvalu PN.MIO.1A M/mio Twist, turn, screw; twist fibres to make string
Tuvalu PN.QAU-HAKE Avake, avaka Raise up, bring up, put on high
Tuvalu NP.KAMO.2 Kamo Steal, take secretly
Tuvalu NP.KAKE-GA Kaakega Place to climb; notches cut in a perpendicular tree to assist ascent; a ladder
Tuvalu AN.MAI.A Mai Verb directional marker indicates towards speaker or subject of the sentence
Tuvalu PN.MAAQI-MOA Maimoa To observe, to take the part of a spectator
New Zealand Maori PN.HAKE.C Ake Indicating immediate continuation in time (postverbal)
New Zealand Maori PN.HAKE.C Mea (kau) ake Immediately, soon, in a very little while
New Zealand Maori PN.HAKE.C Ake, ake, ake Forever
Niue PN.HAKE.C Hake Following, next (time, day, week, year)
Luangiua CP.FUTA.1 Haa/huka. Ha/huka. Make swell. Swell.
Nukuoro PN.QARA-FAKI Arahaki To awake
West Futuna PN.PANI.4 Pani/a Take one's goods
West Futuna PN.PANI.4 Pan/pani/a To fine, to take one's goods and outlaw one
Niue AN.QAHO Aho/ngia Overtaken by daylight
Niue PN.SEGA.1 Hega The parrakeet's red feathers under the beak