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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Manihiki-Rakahanga FJ.TAKELE.A Take Keel of boat Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian PN.FAKA-QATU.A Faatu To place; to keep common things apart from those that are sacred
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.TUQU-KEHE Tuukee Strange, strangeness
Tokelau XO.KAA.2 Ka/kaha Sharp (of knife etc.); keen, sharp (of mind or intelligence) Problematic
Tokelau PN.KEKEE Kekee Scream, yell; squeal; howl; (of musical instruments) sound, play
Tokelau PN.LIU.1 Liu The innermost part of the keel (of canoe); bilge-water
Tokelau PN.PAKEE Pakee Hit; tap, rap (of noise); make a noise
Tokelau AN.TALI.1 Tali Await (in special context of keeping watch for schools of fish...)
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.MAQU.1 Mau Keep going
Mangareva FJ.TAKELE.A Tekere, kere/kere Quille d'une embarcation. The keel of a canoe (Tgr). Phonologically Irregular
Rapa FJ.TAKELE.A Takere Keel of a canoe
Takuu OC.KEHE Kee(kee) (Of kinship) related along a collateral line, not a lineal relation
Ra'ivavae PN.AI.2 A/ai To have, hold in one's mind, recall, keep in mind; to collect, preserve for communication or transference Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ra'ivavae PN.AALAI Aarai To ward off, keep or push back from, prevent the approach of; to screen off, interpose and obstruction...protect, shield; to mediate
Ra'ivavae PN.FIINAKI Hiinaʔi A kind of wicker-work basket-trap used to catch small fish, octopus, eels, and to keep shrimp alive
Nukuoro PN.PUI.A He/bui/hagi Provide an abundance of bait to keep fish in close Uncertain Semantic Connection
Nuguria PN.SEGA.1 Te/heena Rainbow lorikeet
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.KEHE E/kee Oh (interjection expressing something negative" Uncertain Semantic Connection
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAKA-LOGO Hualongo Keep silent, be quiet (of person, not place)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAKA-TAFA Huataha Move aside, get out, keep away
Vaeakau-Taumako CP.MA-MATA Mda/mda/ina Keep, treat
Takuu MP.PALALAFA Kallapa Base of a coconut frond on which a large canoe is placed to keep it off the ground while being stored Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese NP.QALA-QALA ʔAgaʔaga To shout, dance, pray, as while carving a canoe or to alleviate the pain of one being tattooed and to keep him from fainting
Tongan PN.FUE.2 Fooe A whisk used to keep off flies
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.KEHE Kee Different, away, other; additional thing, different thing; emphatic phrase-final qualifier. Different, apart (Ray).
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.KEHE Le/kee Get out! Get away!
Tongan CP.LEPO Lebo Leaves of the breadfruit tree, sewed together for the purpose of covering food in cooking, to keep in the steam
Tokelau PN.TA-FOKI Tafoki/foki Keep going back and forth
Samoan PN.TAUALA Tauala To luff, to keep close to the wind
Niue PN.PAKEE Pakee, pokee, pakaa To make a light crackling sound [ex. chewing gum]
Niue PN.MAQU-KOLOA Maukoloa Trader, merchant, shopkeeper (sometimes used as a metaphor for 'rich')
Rennellese PN.PIKO.C Piiko/i To keep for oneself and not give; to care for a possession
Hawaiian PN.TAU.12 Kau/pale To cover an oven, especially with rocks on its edge to keep earth out
Tikopia PN.QUGA-AFI Ungaafi Firewood of large size, a big log or two to keep fire going
Hawaiian PN.HAKE.C Keeia pule aʔe Next week
Niue PN.KEE.2 Kee/ke To scold
Niue PN.SEGA.1 Hega The parrakeet's red feathers under the beak
Rarotongan PN.TUQU-KEHE Tuukee Different, altered, strange queer
Penrhyn PN.TUQU-KEHE Tuukee Different, strange
Marquesas PN.TOKO.1C Pa/toko Etayer, appuyer, consolider; console, chevalet. Etai (pour soulever les fenêtres); stay (to keep windows open), prop (Atl).
Marquesas FJ.TAKELE.A Tàkái The keel of a vessel or canoe
Tuamotu MQ.KUKINA Kuukina To give one crunching sound, as food in the mouth; to crunch, as gravel, shale, underfoot or beneath a keel
Mangareva MQ.TAKEO Tekeeo Etre malade, ivre; empoisonné par le poisson (ciguatera)
Hawaiian EP.TAFU.B Kahu Honored attendant, guardian, nurse, keeper of 'unihipili bones...
Mangareva PN.KEKEE Kekee Râler (malade); s'égosiller (au cours d'une dispute); cris de dispute
Mangareva PN.KEKEE Keeke Louer, faire l'éloge de quelqu'un, féliciter Uncertain Semantic Connection
New Zealand Maori NP.KEKE Kekee Creak Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan CE.VAI Vai Keep, remain, stay, last, exist (over a period of time or in a given place)
Niuafo'ou FJ.TAFU.A Tafu/tafu Keep a fire going
Niuafo'ou PN.KEE.2 Kee Quarrel