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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan PN.AA- A Ligative particle occurring in certain nominal constructions Problematic
Rarotongan MP.AFAA ʔAaʔaa matagi Meaning uncertain, but referred to bad weather(Mka.) Problematic
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.RAA A/la Postnuclear qualifier, usually indicating uncertainty, or softening of the preceding word; if Problematic
Tikopia PN.QAFII Afii Leaf container for food, bent over and tied
East Uvea EO.SONI.A Honi/ʔi, soni/i (obs.) Tailler légèrement; faire une petite incision
East Futuna PN.QAGA.1 ʔAga Requin (de taille inférieur à 10 mètres)
Penrhyn NP.QAGA.2 Anga Shell; empty container, anything like a shell
Easter Island PN.AGI.2 Aŋi Be certain, know Problematic
Tongan PN.-QAKI.1 -ʔaki When suffixed to a noun, treat or use as; attached to certain intransitive verbs more or less equivalent to an English preposition such as with or about
Mangaia PN.-U ʔA/u You, the singular second personative substitute in certain possessive sentences
Samoan PN.ALAGA.A Aalaga Leg of pig and certain large animals
Penrhyn PN.AALAI Aarai Hinder; curtain
Luangiua MP.QALOGO Oloŋo Bristle tail surgeon fish Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian PN.SAFOLE (ʔ)Ahore Poisson-pavillon (Flagtail) spp.
Mangareva EO.AMI Ami Matière qui se trouve dans certaines écrevisses
Rennellese EO.AMI G/ami Egg container on belly of crabs Problematic
Easter Island PN.QANA-.2 (I)aŋa/taiáhi Yesterday
Easter Island PN.QANA-.2 Aŋa/taiahiéra The day before yesterday
Nukuoro PN.QANA-.2 Ana/taiao This morning
Tahitian TA.ARUHE Anuhe Fougère (Dicranopteris linearis). The common fern in the mountains (Dvs).
Tuamotu TA.ARUHE Anuhe Mountain fern variety
Penrhyn NP.AO.2 Aao/a Undergrown and malformed coconut fruit that has no inner shell and contains neither flesh nor water Problematic
Takuu PN.AO.3 Ao Wind around (in tying certain type of knot); grasp in an embrace
New Zealand Maori CE.AO-RAGI Ao-rangi Mountain (highest) in New Zealand
Tongan FJ.APAI.1 Apai Certain parts of roof timbers of a Tongan house. They run lengthwise and the rafters are bound to them
East Uvea AN.ASA.1 Aha/aha Tailler un bois pour en diminuer grosseur
Anuta MP.QASU Atu To remove liquid from a container, like bailing a canoe or lifting soup out of a bowl with a spoon
Takuu MP.QASU Asu Scoop; dip a container into water; fill a container from a tank, drum, canoe
Fijian EO.QATAMAI.A Matai Smart, clever (Ra dialect) Problematic
Tahitian PN.QAATEA Aatea Lointain, éloigné, distant
Samoan ST.ATIGI.* Atigi Empty vessel, shell, container
Tokelau ST.ATIGI.* Atigi- Prefix denoting that a container is empty
Marquesas NP.QULA-QULA Uʔauʔa tai Langouste
New Zealand Maori OC.QATU.1 Atu/tai A fish
Tahitian MP.QATULE Ature Poisson de la famille des Carangidae (Selar crumenophthalmus) quand sa taille est la petite...
Tahitian MP.QAUA.1 Aua (Valamugil engeli) of intermediate size. Poisson de la famille des Mugilidae (Crenimugil crenilabis), quand il est de taille intermédiaire entre ' oorie et tehu (Lmt)
New Zealand Maori PN.AWE.A Awe White hair from dog tail, hair from about fontanelles; soot; cloud
Pukapuka PN.AWE.A Ave Subspecies of yellowfin tuna with very long fins almost reaching tail
Tokelau PN.AWE.A Ave Tail end (of a fish) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu PN.AWE.A Ave The tail of a kite; a feeler of a certain variety of jellyfish; long hairs, as on a dog's tail; long streamers of cloud...
Easter Island EP.AWE.B Ave Tail of comet
Tuamotu EP.AWE.B Ave The tail of a comet
Mangareva PN.EE ʔEe, eʔe Oui, certainement
West Uvea XO.QEFA Efa Grand (de grande taille); grand (par le volume); grand (par l'importance sociale); dans une suite verbale, sert d'intensif: très
Hawaiian OC.QEPA Epaepa Part of a fish's tail above and below the cleft Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu OC.QEPA Epa Coconut leaf mat in a clan elder's house on which the elder lies, and on which very sick people are ritually treated; woven container for turmeric powder stored inside a section of large-diameter bamboo
Tahitian AN.FAQA.1 Fa The stalk of some large leaves such as taro, plantain, and also the cocoanut
Tongan PN.FAQA.3 Faa To burst or split open (sep. of something containing liquid); (of river) to overflow, be in flood
Waya AN.FAQA.1 Baa/baa Stalk or stem of certain large-leaved plants, especially taro, banana, coconut
Rennellese PN.FAAGOGO.A Haangongo Coconut-shell container