Ifira-Mele entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
FJ.PUSI.2 Pusi Pusi. :Sea eel (Clk)
PN.SAA.2 Sasa Hang out, stick way out (like a dog's tongue) (Clk)
MP.SAQA.1 Saa Bad; ill, sick, hurt; something wrong with (Clk)
PN.SAFULE Saafure Strip leaves off something (Clk)
MP.SAGA.2 Saaga/ta Groin (Clk)
PN.SAA-KALO Saakaro Pull Coconut off branch, scoop out banana flesh (Clk)
AN.SALA.1 Sara Miss (Target) (Clk)
FJ.SALA.2 -s/sara Completely (Clk)
FJ.SALA.2 Sara All, every kind of ?. Problematic (Clk)
OC.SALALA Saalala Fish like kuma mackerel, swims at surface. . Borrowed Phonologically Irregular (Clk)
EC.SALE Sale Walk in free-and -easy way, stroll, float, drift, put out to sea Problematic (Clk)
EO.SAQALO Saaro Tidal wave Problematic (Clk)
PN.SALULU Saaruru Rumble, roar, thud (Clk)
PN.SAMI Sami Drink (some drink) with one's food (Clk)
OC.SAQO Sao/a Scoop up water in a cup (Clk)
AN.SASA Saa-ia Hit, beat, thrash (Clk)
SO.SA-SALA Sara (trans. saara/a) Search, look for something (Clk)
MP.SAU.1 Sau Dew (Clk)
FJ.SAU.5 Sau/toga Gift (freely given) (Clk)
EO.SAU.6 Sau Blow (of wind) (Clk)
EO.SAU.6 Sau/sau Evening breeze (Clk)
PN.SAU.7 Sau/marie Good, kind (Clk)
NP.SAU-AQA Sausaa Bad-tempered Phonologically Irregular (Clk)
NP.SAU-GA.* Saumwa Odour, stink Problematic (Clk)
NP.SAA-WALE Saavari Saliva Phonologically Irregular (Clk)
SO.SEQE.2 Se Not (Clk)
CP.SEA.1 Sea Produce flower or fruit (of plants) Problematic (Clk)
CP.SEI.1A Sei Antenna of insect, crayfish Problematic (Clk)
FJ.SEKA Seka Fungus, mushroom (Generic) (Clk)
EO.SELE.2 Sere/a To cut (Clk)
EO.SELE.3 Tama/sere Only child; formerly title of respect, now Jesus (Clk)
MP.SELU Seru Comb (Clk)
NP.SII.2B S/sii Have diarrhoea (Clk)
CP.SIGA.A Siga Fall over backwards (of person) (Clk)
OC.SIKA.2 Sika Action of working fireplough (Clk)
OC.SIKI.1A Siike/a To lift Phonologically Irregular (Clk)
MP.SIKO Siko-fia Catch in the hands (Clk)
CP.SILA.1A Sira Look at (Clk)
PN.SILI.1 Siri/a Overtake, beat (Clk)
OC.SINA.1 Sina Grey-hair (Clk)
CP.SINA.2 Sina/marama Moon (Clk)
EO.SINU.2 Sinu A tree with irritating sap (Clk)
MP.SISI.2 Sisi General term for small snails (Clk)
CP.SI-SII Siisii Hiss (Clk)
XO.SIVA Siva Nine (Clk)
OC.SIWILI Siviri Coconut Lory (Trichoglossus haematodus) (Clk)
FJ.SOO-.2 Soo Move, shift, change position (Clk)
OC.SOAKA Soaga Banana variety . Phonologically Irregular (Clk)
PN.SOGI Sogi/sogi Kiss (Clk)
SO.SOI.2 Soi/na Accompany, be with; support (in words). (Clk)

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