Penrhyn entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.KAAIGA.A Kaainga Home, planted land of a family (Sta)
PN.KAAIGA.A Kaiing Food lands (i.e. islands visited for food as opposed to where people lived (Lmt)
PN.KAI-HAQA.A Kaiaa Steal (Sta)
OC.KAKA.1A Kaka Mesh-like brown substance on coconut tree, stipule of coconut frond (Sta)
NP.QARO-FI-LAGI Arorangè Foreign lands; white man (Lmt)
MP.QATUA Atua Spirit; supreme god (Lmt)
PN.KA-KAHA Kakaa Shine brightly (Sta)
CK.KAAKAA.1B Kaakaa/ia White tern (Gygis alba) (Sta)
PN.KAKALA Kakara Fragrant (Sta)
PN.KAKALA Kara/sia Sweet, tasty (Sta)
PN.KA-KAU.1 Kakau Float (n) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
PN.KAKE Kake-a Climb, ride, rise; coitus (Sta)
NP.KAKII.* Kakii Throat, neck (Sta)
PN.KALAA Kara(a)/ea Old harder coral, forming flat slab layers; upright limestone slab forming a part of marae (Sta)
CE.KARAEA Karaea An upright limestone slab found in marae (Cbl)
PN.KALAGA Karanga Shout; inform, tell (Sta)
TA.KARAKIA Karakia Individual noted for prophetic powers ; man of knowledge who can see into the future (Bck)
TA.KARAPOGA Karaponga Inside of throat, gullet (Rmn)
CK.KAARE.* Cary No (Lmt)
CK.KAARE.* Kaare No, nothing, zero; no! [loan from Rarotongan] Borrowed (Sta)
CE.KARERE Karere Messenger, herald (Sta)
PN.KALO.1 Karo Leave, argue; leave, dismiss, sack, fire (Sta)
CE.KAMA.1 Kama/kama Talkative (Sta)
MP.KAMI.1 Kami/kami Opening and shutting movement of lips (Rmn)
PN.KAMO.1 Kamo Wink; agree (Sta)
PN.KANA.1 Kana Grate; stool-type coconut grater; kind of coral. Vegetable substance growing in flat rounded masses on the coral heads in the lagoon…used like sandpaper (Bck). (Sta)
MP.KANAHE Kanae Mullet (Sta)
CE.KA-NAPA Kanapa Flash (reflection as a signal) ; glitter; ray, reflected light (Yda)
SO.KANAPU.1 Kaapu Brown booby (Sula leucogaster) (Sta)
NP.KANO-FI-MATA Kanohi Eye (Sta)
NP.KANO-FI-MATA Kanohi mata Eyeball (Yda)
EP.KAO.1 Koo Bud (Sta)
PN.KAO-KAO Kookoo Side (Sta)
CE.KA-KORE Kaakore To be not, be nothing, be zero (Sta)
NP.KAPA.2 Kapa Dance (Sta)
OC.KAPA-KAPA.A Kapakapa Flap wings (Sta)
PN.KAPE.1 Kape Giant taro (Sta)
PN.KAPE.2 Kape Flick aside (e.g. a pawpaw with a stick, in order to harvest) (Sta)
MP.KAPI.A Kapi/kapi Kind of shellfish growing on pearl shells; kind of shellfish, shells thick, hard to remove from rock; oyster sp., Spondylus varius (Sta)
FJ.KAPO.1 Kapo Catch (something thrown such as ball), grasp (Sta)
MP.KAPU.1A Kapu Cup (Sta)
CE.KAAPUA Aapua Handle of harpoon Problematic (Sta)
MP.KASI.1 Kasi (Asaphis violacea) ; k.clam, Pacific asaphis (Asaphis violacens); small shellfish of various kinds; shell scraper, hand grater (Sta)
PN.KASI.2 Ka/kasi Tuna (Thunnus spp.) (Sta)
PN.KASI.2 Ka/kahi/ Albacore (Germo germo (Lacepede)) Problematic (Sta)
PN.KASIKASI Kasikasi Crunchy (e.g. biscuits) Problematic (Sta)
AN.KASO.1 Kaso Part of house frame; a rod over which *rauhara* is bent to form thatch sheet (Sta)
PN.KATA.1 Kata Laugh (Sta)
MP.KATA.2 Kata (niikau) Coconut leaflet Problematic (Sta)
CE.KATAU.* Katau Right, dextral side (Sta)

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