Sikaiana entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.TAPU Tapu Forbidden; socially or ritually prohibited; sacred (Christian) (Dnr)
SO.TAPU-VAQE Tapuae Ankle, foot (Dnr)
NP.TASI.1 Tahi Counting number one, for all counting types except fathoms; directly, straight in direction; continuously, all the time, eternally (Dnr)
NP.TASI.1 Tasi One (Dnr)
AN.TASI.2 Ttasi Scrape (Sps)
PN.TATAA Ttaa To bail out water; the bailer in a boat (Dnr)
PN.TATAU.3 Ttau Squeeze and twist, as in wringing out a rag, or making coconut oil from grated coconut (Dnr)
NP.TAA-TOU Taatou First person inclusive plural pronoun (Dnr)
PN.TATAU.2 Tau To be fitted together, in place, as the floor tiles of a house; to be sufficient, enough (Dnr)
FJ.TAU.1 Tau Be capable enough (Dnr)
PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Hang (as clothes on a line, or fruit from a tree) (Dnr)
SO.TAU.10 Tau Be hit by thrown object (Dnr)
OC.TAQU.1 Tau Year (Dnr)
PN.TAU-QA T/taua Battle, war, fight (Dnr)
NP.TAA-UA.1 Taaua We two (inc) (Dnr)
AN.TAQUFUFU Tauhhu Main ridgepole of house, central roof beam (Dnr)
PN.TAU-LA Taula Anchor rope of a boat or canoe; to be anchored (Dnr)
NP.TAU-SINU.* Taunusu Tree sp. Phonologically Irregular (Dnr)
MP.TAUTU Taautu Fish sp. (Sps)
MP.TAWA.1 Tava Tree sp (Dnr)
PN.TAWAKE Tavake Tropic bird (Dnr)
PN.TE.1 Te Definite article singular: the (Dnr)
AN.FUTI.1 Huti/huti Pluck out, as plucking the feathers of birds in preparation for cooking (Dnr)
CP.TEA Tea Clear, white, pale (Dnr)
SO.TELE.3A Tele Run; travel by foot along the reef between the main island {Hale} and the small islands on the western side of the atoll {Muli Akau} (Dnr)
NP.TII.3 Tiia Glow Problematic (Sps)
CE.TII.4 Tii/tii Sprinkle (as in salting food) Problematic (Dnr)
CP.TIA.1B Tia Tie together a net (Dnr)
PN.TIQAKI Tiaki Leave behind; divorce; permit, allow (Dnr)
PN.TIALE Tiale Flower n (Dnr)
OC.TIFA.1A Tiha Mother-of-pearl (Dnr)
OC.TIKA.A Tika A dart made from the base of a coconut stalk {tupallaha} (Dnr)
PN.TIKE.1A Tike/tike To sit on one's haunches without any other support, to squat (Dnr)
EC.TIKE.1B Tike/tike Lofty, elevated (Sps)
PN.TILA Tila Mast (Dnr)
PN.TILI.1A Tili Cast a body into sea; bury in sea (Sps)
MP.TIRO Tilo Look down in admiration at something; admire, especially self admiration with a mirror (Dnr)
NP.TINA-QI Tiinai Extinguish, put out, turn off (Dnr)
AN.TINA-NA.A Tin(a)na Mother, genetic and classificatory; 1st ascending generation lineal and collateral female relatives (Dnr)
NP.TINI.2 Tini Choose, select, vote for Problematic (Dnr)
OC.TINO.A Tino Body, trunk, main section of some object; main body of outrigger canoe (Dnr)
SO.TINO-.B Tinno Prefix to cardinal numbers: counting of humans by tens (Dnr)
PN.TIPA Tipa Stagger (Sps)
PN.SASAWE Ssave Flying fish (Dnr)
PN.TOO.1A Too/too To plant (Dnr)
PN.TE-O-U Too Possessive pronoun, 2nd person singular for singular inalienable objects: your (Dnr)
PN.TOQO.1 Too Take; adopt (a child) Problematic (Dnr)
AN.TOA Toa Tree sp (Casuarina) (Dnr)
EO.TOE.1A Toe Left over, remaining (Dnr)
FJ.TOFA.1A Toha Spread out (Dnr)

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