Sikaiana entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NP.SAWA.1 S/sava To be filthy from a liquid (Dnr)
NP.SAA-WALE Saavale Spit, spittle, sputum, saliva (Dnr)
OC.SEE.2 See To blossom, generic term (Dnr)
CP.SEA.2 Sea A type of song with actions, from Luaniua (Dnr)
FJ.SEKA Sekaa Moldy (Dnr)
PN.SEKE.1A Seke Slip when walking or running; lose weight (Dnr)
CP.SELE.1A Sele Tie up from above; set a trap using a string that jerks (Dnr)
EC.SELE.1B Sele Wrestling holds used in the traditional style of wrestling (Dnr)
EO.SELE.2 Sele To cut apart a fish (Dnr)
MP.SELU Selu (of hair) Combed (Dnr)
PN.SEGI.A S/seni To be visible, but not clear, as a human figure at early dawn that can be seen but not recognized. (Dnr)
CP.SEU Seu manu Catch birds with a net; a handheld net for catching birds (Dnr)
PN.SII.1 Sii Fish with a stick (Dnr)
FJ.SII.2A Sii Semen (Dnr)
CP.SIGA.A Sina Fall over (Dnr)
OC.SIKA.1 Sika Needle used to tie together mesh of nets when they are being made or repaired; tool with attached string for piercing through material in construction; shuttle of back strap loom (Dnr)
OC.SIKA.2 Sika Rub together sticks to make fire (Dnr)
MP.SIKO Siko To catch a ball (Dnr)
NO.SIMU.* Simu Trigger fish (Dnr)
OC.SINA.1 Sina/a To have grey or white hair. (Often demeaning). (Dnr)
XO.SURU.B Sulu To set (of the sun or stars) (Dnr)
FJ.SINU.1 Sinu Grease, fat, cooking oil (Dnr)
PN.SINU-SINU Sinu(sinu) Greasy, fat, rich (Dnr)
NP.SIPA.1 Sipa A small flying fish sp (Dnr)
MP.SISI.2 Sisi A small shell species that can walk (Nerite?) (Dnr)
CP.SISI.3 Sisi To cut out of a shell or a hard surface with a knife (e.g. shellfish, copra) (Dnr)
EC.SIU.* S(i)/siu To be wet (Dnr)
NO.SIVO Sivo Nine (Dnr)
PN.SIWA.1 Siva A type of song (Sps)
CP.SOA Soa Friend, companion; dancing partner; a ritualized friendship between two people of the same sex... a ceremonial friendship between a young boy and girl established by their parents or guardians...; lover; to be lovers; exact copy of something (Dnr)
PN.SOGI Vei/soni Touch noses (Dnr)
PN.SOGO S/sono To smell bad, of sex organs (Restricted) (Dnr)
SO.SOI.2 Soi Help, assist. (Dnr)
MP.SOKO.1 Sooko/i To join together (vi,vt); a joint (Dnr)
PN.SOLA Sola Flee (Dnr)
EC.SOLO.5 Solo To drag, to pull, as when taking a canoe down to the sea (Dnr)
NP.SOMO.2 Somo (of plants) Grow (Dnr)
PN.SOPO.A Sopo Jump (sg. subj.) (Sps)
PN.SOPO.A Sopo/sopo Jumping (sg. subj.) (Sps)
PN.SOPO.A Sopo Jump, jump down; release one's emotions; be finished (Dnr)
FJ.SOSAQA Soossa To be anxious, worry (Dnr)
PN.SUA.1 Sua/mele Type of song (Dnr)
NP.SUE.1 Sue Fish sp Problematic (Dnr)
NP.SUE.2 S/sue/i To dig (Sps)
NP.SUE.2 Sue/i To root as a pig roots in a garden (Dnr)
MP.SUKI.A Suki Pierce, cut open (Dnr)
EO.SULA Sula Come through, appear (Dnr)
PN.HULI.2* Uli A shoot or root of taro (Dnr)
MP.SULU.1A Sulu Set, of the sun Problematic (Dnr)
OC.SUMU.2 Simu- Prefixed to several trigger fish varieties (Sps)

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