Tuvalu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
SO.VAE-LUA-A-POO Vae lua a poo. Valuaapoo (Jsn). Midnight (Rby)
AN.TULI.1 Tuli Deaf (Rby)
FJ.TULI.2 Tuli (P.dominica) (Rby)
PN.TULI.3 Tu/tuli/ Hunt; be sent away by someone who dislikes you (Rby)
AN.TURI Tuli Knee, elbow (Rby)
PN.TUQU-RUA-POO Vae lua a poo Midnight Problematic (Rby)
PN.TUQU-MAQU Tumau Stand firm, remain permanent (Rby)
PN.TUMU-TUMU Tumutumu Summit (Rby)
AN.TUNA Tuna Eel; freshwater crayfish (Rby)
AN.TUNU Tunu Cook (Rby)
OC.TUPA Tupa Crab sp (Rby)
PN.TUPE.1 Tupe Throw (Rby)
AN.TUPU.A Tupu Grow; shoot (of plant) (Rby)
OC.TUPUQA.A Tupua God; pre-christian wooden gods (Rby)
CP.TUTU.4 Tutu Set alight (Rby)
PN.-U -u Second person singular possessive 0 (Rby)
PN.QUU.A Uu Bundle of sticks (Rby)
AN.UA.1 Ua/ua Vein, artery, sinew, tendon (Rby)
OC.UQA.1A Ua Neck (Rby)
SO.KAILE.2 Kaile Small immature coconut (Rby)
AN.QUFI.1 Ufi Yam (Rby)
PN.QUFI.3 Ufi Covered part of canoe, fore and aft (Rby)
SO.UFU.1 Ufu Masturbate (Rby)
AN.QUGA Uga Shellfish sp.; crab sp (Rby)
AN.QUGA Uga/uga Small coconut crab before reaching maturity (Jsn)
AN.QUHA Ua Rain (Rby)
OC.UKA.A Uka Fishing line (Rby)
EC.UKAU Ukau Pus (Rby)
PN.QUKE Uke Numerous, plentiful (Rby)
EO.ULA.1A Ula In flames; burn with a flame (Rby)
AN.QURA Ula Lobster (Rby)
FJ.QULAFI Ulafi Fish spp. (Scarus spp.) (Bsr)
RO.ULE Ule Penis (Rby)
MP.QULI.1 Uli Steer (Rby)
AN.QULU.1 Ulu Head (Rby)
PN.QULU.2 Ulu Grove of trees (Rby)
NP.-U-LUA -luu, -(o)lua Second person dual possessive suffix (Rby)
PN.QULUA Ulua Trevalli (Rby)
EC.ULUGA Ulugaa- Prefix used to denote married couple (Rby)
MP.QULUGA Uluga Pillow (Rby)
XW.QUMA Uma Greet by pressing noses, kiss (Rby)
AN.QUMAGA Umaga Pulaka pits, garden; also used for growing taro (Rby)
MP.QUME Ume (Naso spp.) (Rby)
CP.QUMITI Umiti Craving for fish in times of scarcity (Rby)
SO.QUMO Umo Pinch, nip, squeeze (Rby)
PN.QUMOTI Umoti Cork, to cork (Rby)
MP.QUMU.1A Umu Oven (in earth) (Rby)
AN.QUNA Una Turtle shell (Rby)
AN.QUNAFI Unafi Fish scale (Rby)
PN.QUNOKO Unoko Blue (Rby)

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