Penrhyn entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EP.WEWE.B Veve Worn out, exhausted (Sta)
CE.RAWA-IKA Ravakai Fisherman (Sta)
PN.TALA-TALA.A Taratara Rugged, rough, thorny (Sta)
NP.PALOLO-MUQA Paroro mua The first month of the year, roughly February (Sta)
NP.PALOLO-MULI Paroro muri The 2nd month of the year (Sta)
PN.MULIFAA Muriaha The ninth month in the pre-Christian calendar (Buck) (Sta)
PN.SILIGA-MAQA Siringa muri The 4th month Problematic (Sta)
CE.REFU.3 Se/rehu The 12th month in the pre-Christian calendar (Sta)
PN.KAU-QAA Kaaua Enclose, make a fence around; enclosure, pen, garden, fence, place divided by horizontally laid coconut trees Phonologically Irregular (Sta)
NP.TEE-LAA Teeraa Demonstrative pronoun: that, yonder (that one over there) (Sta)
NP.TEE-HENA Teenaa Demonstrative pronoun: That (that one with you, that one by you) (Sta)
NP.PEE-LAA Peeraa To do like that, do as he/she/they do (Sta)
PN.TOKO.1C Toko Prop; to prop up (Sta)
NP.FAKA-QATA.C Akaata To show (Sta)
CE.NONI.2 Noni To scramble for, rush for, rush to get something; to mix up what should not be mixed up (Sta)
CK.KORARE Coerari, coerarè Paddle-shaped club (Lmt)
TA.ORI O/ori Roam, stroll (Sta)
TA.PAA-REU Parieu, pariew Short mantle of matting (Lmt)
NP.MA-SUE Mahue To be bruised, become swollen, become black and blue Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
NP.FAQI Hai/nga Big function, feast (Sta)
PN.FAKA-TUQU Akatuu Erect, stand, raise Borrowed (Sta)
CE.PAA-PAKA.* Pakapaka Kind of marine crab (Sta)
PN.KAU-WAI Kauvai River (Sta)
PN.FANO-GA Hanohanga Going, visit Phonologically Irregular (Sta)
CE.KA-KANO.2 Kakano Width (Sta)
EP.FAKA-FOQOU (H)akahoou To do anew, again (Sta)
TA.FAKA-WAA Hakavaa A judge (Sta)
TA.FAKA-WAA Akavaa To judge (Sta)
EP.FAKA-TIKA Akatika To agree, accept, admit, approve, justify... (Sta)
PN.E.3 Ee Hey! (usually used before a name with vocative force) (Sta)
OC.HIFO.A Iho Slip (Sta)
AN.ISU.1 Isu Nose; prow of canoe (Lmt)
PN.REFU-REFU Rehurehu To be gray (Sta)
EC.SOKE Soke Smallspotted Pompano (Trachinotus baillonii) (McC)
NP.KAKE-GA Ara kaakenga Ladder (Sta)
NP.ME.1B Mei (te meaa ra) As if Problematic (Sta)
CE.GAKI.A Ngaki To feed (Sta)
NP.LAU.1B Rau One, traditionally used for counting fish and turtles (Sta)
PN.O Oo, o Marking subordinate possession, of by (Sta)
PN.QA Aa, a Preposition marking dominant possession, of, by. (Sta)
PN.EE-NAA Eenaa Pronoun, demonstrative. Those by you (the indefinite/ plural of tēnā) (Sta)
NP.EE-LAA Eeraa Pron(dem), those over there (the indefinite/plural of tērā) (Sta)
PN.I.2A I Marking the location in space and time. There exists no distinction between a past time and a future time as far as the prepositions concern (Sta)
CE.E KORE Ee kore Will not, shall not (negative future) (Sta)
PN.TE-QA Taa-/Ta-/Taa (part(poss)) Marking definite dominant possession: of (Sta)
PN.TE-QA-U Tau 2nd person, singular, definite, dominant possession: your, yours (Sta)
PN.TE-QA-NA Tana (pron(poss)) 3rd person, singular, definite, dominant possession: his, her, its; his, hers, its (Sta)
PN.TE-O-NA Toona/tona 3rd person, singular, definite, subordinate possessions: his, her, its; his, hers, its (Sta)
PN.MAI.D Mai From, since, like (Sta)
PN.TE-O-KU Toku/tooku 1st person, singular, definite, subordinate possession: my, mine (Sta)

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