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Protoform Item Description Source
EO.TAQO.1 Tao To cook in an oven (Sve)
OC.TAQO.2A Tao/mi To press, squeeze or exert pressure (Sve)
PN.TAAQOFI Taaoʔi Hold back, restrain, keep back (Mka)
CE.TAOGA Taaʔonga Load, burden, anything carried ; office, rank, position or title; profession, craft, trade (Sve)
CE.TAOGA Taonga Property, possessions (Etn) (Bse)
EP.TAQOKETE.B Taokete-taane Brother-in-law. Affine of same generation (Sve)
EP.TAQOKETE.B Taokete-vaʔine Sister-in-law (Bse)
PN.TAQO-KUPU Taukupu The front of the body below the navel, the loins (Bse)
PN.TAPA.1A Tapa Cloth made from inner bark of certain trees (Sve)
EO.TAPA.2 Tapa/tapa vaʔine Labia (Bse)
EO.TAPA.1C Tapa Margin, edge, fringe, border (Sve)
PN.TAPA.4 Tapa Call, name, recite, narrate (Sve)
PN.TAPA.4 Topa To name (Bse)
EP.TAPAIRU Tapairu Eldest daughter of a chief ; a fairy, often used for a pretty girl ; a beauty (Mka)
OC.TAPAKAU Tapakau Plaited coconut leaves (Sve)
PN.FAQAPUKU ʔAapuku Gulp down, swallow (a solid object) (Bse)
MP.TAPA-SI Tapaʔi To split, cleave lengthwise ; chop down vertically on something, split or cleave lengthwise; a chopping implement, trowel (Sve)
TA.TAPE.1 Tape A piece, portion, bit (Sve)
CE.TAA-PEE Taapee Cause to rot or decay; rot sth. down, ret (fibres); bring a boil to head by poulticing (Bse)
CE.TAA-PEKA Taapeka Tie, lash, tether, bind (Bse)
CE.TAA-PEKA Taapeka-a-rima Bracelet (Bse)
NP.TAPERE Tapere An administrative sub-district, a subdivision of an `oire (Bse)
CE.TAA-PIRI Taapiri Bring something near to or beside, press something close to, apply a compress; stick, seal, fasten, join, patch, put together (Bse)
TA.TAPI-TAPI Tapitapi State or condition of being mean, sordid, niggardly, miserly, not given to being generous (Sve)
TA.TA-POKI Tapoki Conceal, cover, put on, covering, flap of pocket, lid (Bse)
NP.TAA-POLA Taapora Basket roughly woven from one side of coconut leaf (Bse)
OC.TAPU Tapu Formal ceremonial or religious interdiction (Sve)
CP.TAA-PUI Taapuui/a Restrained, held back (Sve)
CE.TAPUTAPU-ATEA Taputapuatea One of the main royal courts (Sve)
EP.TUQU.3B Tuu To be touched or struck, fig. to be wounded (Sve)
PN.TAPU-WAQE Tapuae Footmark, footprint, sole of the foot (Sve)
EP.TAA-SAE Taaʔae Savage beast, horrible monster, dragon (Bse)
CK.TAA-SAPA Taaʔapa Pass the meridian (of sun, moon) (Bse)
NP.TASI.1 Taʔi One (Sve)
CK.TAA-SOATA Taaʔoata Pumice (Bse)
OC.TATA.1 Vai/tata/ Near (Bse)
PN.TATAA Tataa Bail, dash or scoop water out; bailer, container used to scoop water out (Bse)
PN.TATAU.1 Ta(a)/tatau/ Tattooing (Sve)
PN.TATAU.3 Tatau To squeeze, crush or press (Sve)
TA.TAA-TEA.* Taateʔa Semen (Mka)
NP.TAA-TOU Taatou First person inclusive plural pronoun (Bse)
CE.TAATUA Taatua Girdle, belt, put on as girdle or belt (Sve)
FJ.TAU.1 Tau To be suitable, befit, able, to be possible (Sve)
PN.TAU.3 Ta/tau Read, count (Bse)
MP.TAU.5 Tau To alight, come to rest as a bird (Sve)
FJ.TAU-.7A Tau- Prefix marking reciprocal action (Sve)
EP.TAU.ŋ Tau Sandspit, sandbank, shoal; promontory, headland (Bse)
OC.TAQU.1 Tau A season or period (Sve)
PN.TAU-QA Taua Warparty (Sve)
TA.T-AUA Taua Demonstrative and relative pronoun; that aforementioned (Sve)

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