Rarotongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.TOQA Toa Hero; manly, heroic, brave (Bse)
EO.TOE.1A Toe To remain or be left over (Sve)
FJ.TOFA.1A Toʔa/toʔa Spread (out), as clothes to dry (Bse)
CC.TOFE.2 Toʔe Buttocks (Mka)
AN.TOFI Toʔi/toʔi Chisel away, take out, nick, groove, carve out, notch; a chisel or similar gouging implement (Bse)
CC.TOFORAA.* Toʔoraa Whale (Bse)
TA.TOHU.2 Toʔu Point out, identify, recognise (Bse)
CE.TOHU.1 Toʔu Spotted, stained, discoloured (Bse)
EO.TOGA Tonga One of the wind quarters, south or southerly (Sve)
CE.TOOGAAFUA Toongaaʔua Slab of fat from sides of animals, suet (Bse)
TA.TOOGAA-MIMI Toongaamimi Bladder (of animals) (Sve)
NP.TOGI.1B Tongi Nibble, taste (Bse)
CP.TOI.1 Toi A large indigenous tree (Alphitonia zizyphoides) (Whr)
PN.TOKA.1 Toka General term for stone or rock (Sve)
MP.TOKA.2A Toka Solidify, congeal, freeze over, curdle (Bse)
NP.TOKA-QALA Tookaara The womb (Sve)
PN.TOKO-RUA Tokorua Spouse; companion, partner, person with another (Bse)
CE.TOKE.1B Toke Worm (Sve)
CE.TOKE.2 Anu toketoke Very cold (Bse)
MP.TOKE-LAU Tokerau North-west wind (Sve)
AN.TOKI Toki Adze, axe (Sve)
MP.TOKO.1A Toko Pole used for propelling, to propel canoe with a pole (Sve)
PN.TOKO-.2 Toko- Human prefix to numbers one to nine (Sve)
PN.TOKO-MAHURU Tokomauri Hiccough (Bse)
EP.TORE Tore(tore) A stripe, streak; to stripe, streak (Bse)
CE.TOOREA Toorea Migratory shorebird, Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) (Bse)
FJ.TOLOA.A Toroa Red-footed Booby (Sula sula) (Bse)
EP.TORO-MIRO Toromiro A small indigenous tree (Schleinitzia insularum) (Whr)
AN.TOLU Toru Three (Sve)
PN.TOMO Tomo Pass in (ki roto) or (less frequently) out (ki va`o); be filled; sink (Bse)
PN.TONA.1 Tona Yaws (I) (Bse)
CE.TONO.1 Tono(tono) Send or ask someone to run an errand or mission (Bse)
CP.TONU.2 Tonu Groper (Sve)
EP.TOPA Topa Fall from a height; fallen, dropped; settle (as sediment); be missing, lagging behind or pressing forward, at a distance; lose (a game, job) (Bse)
CE.TOO-PATA Toopata(pata) (Let) fall in drops, sprinkle down; drop, spot, dot (Bse)
CE.TOPE.B Tope Prune, dress, trim by lopping off (Sve)
OC.TOSI.2 Toʔi Score, scratch, chisel out (Sve)
CE.TOO-TARA Tootara Ruffled out, standing on end (as hair, feathers); porcupine fish (Bse)
PN.TOTO.1 Toto Blood (Sve)
OC.TOU.1 Tou Pacific Rosewood (Cordia subcordata) (McC)
PN.TUU.2 Tuu/tuu Spread (tidings), announce (news), preach (Gospel) (Bse)
AN.TUQU.1 Tuu Stand, upright, to be (Bse)
NP.TUA.1 Tua To divide, separate, partition Problematic (Sve)
EO.TUQA.1A Tua Back (Bse)
PN.TUQA.1B Tua Ridge (of mountain), crest (of wave), bottom (of inverted bowl, canoe, etc.); surface, face; side or end (of house) (Bse)
PN.TUQA.1C Tua Far out to sea (Bse)
CE.TUA-FINE.* Tuaʔine Sister of a male (Bse)
CP.TUAHI Tuai Ancient type of grater (Sve)
OC.TUA-KANA Tuakana Older sibling of the same sex (Sve)
CP.TUAKI Tuaki To disembowel, gut (Sve)

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