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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Takuu EO.MAFUIKE Mahuke(e) Earthquake Phonologically Irregular
Takuu AN.MAI.A Mai Postposed particle signifying actual or conceptual movement towards the speaker and verifiable by the speaker; indicates a change in the object which reduces the size of the object
Takuu PN.MA-GUGU Mannuu Make a whirring or rustling noise
Luangiua PN.MATE.1B Make Paralyzed (of limb)
Takuu EC.MIO.1B M/mio Whirlpool, water spiralling behind a ship's propellor, eddies, wake
Takuu PN.MOTO.2A Mooto/iake Be a virgin
Tokelau PN.MEQA.B Mea ake Show me! Let me see!
Sikaiana PN.MEQA.B Mea Do, make, cause; have intercourse
Takuu PN.MEQA.B Mee Do, make, create, gather; intend, get ready to do something, (of an event) appear likely to occur; act or behave in a certain manner
Ifira-Mele PN.MEQA.B Nea/a Do, make, work (on garden), write (letter), put Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan PN.MEQA.B Mea Used with wide range of meanings, almost as a pro-verb: do, make. Do something, bring something, be about to do something, say, tell, think, wish
New Zealand Maori PN.MEQA.B Mea Do, deal with; cause, make; say; intend, wish
Takuu PN.GATAQA -nataa With difficulty; take a long time to do something or have something done to it
Takuu PN.GATATA Nattaa Make a rustling noise, as of leaves; sound of wind in the leaves of a tree
Takuu PN.GA-UE Neu/neuee, ne/neeuee Move, fidget, shake Phonologically Irregular
Takuu OC.GUU.1 N/nuu Make a whirring or vibrating noise; whimper, whine, (of pig) squeal Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana OC.GUU.1 Nu/nu To make a low grunting sound
Takuu PN.OFO.A Oho Awaken, wake up (vi)
Sikaiana PN.PENA.1B Pena/pena Do, make (exs prepare feast, build house); make string figure designs; use love magic to win someone's affections
Takuu SO.POLE.B P/pore Shake, tremble (because of old age or sickness), tingle, shiver; (of muscle) have a spasm; (of steering handle of outboard motor) vibrate; (of limb affected by Parkinson’s Disease) tremble slowly; be afraid, worried
Sikaiana PN.PORO.1 Polo The death wish or requests a dying man makes to his family
Takuu PN.PUI.A P/pui Close something; block (e.g. path); make forbidden; forbid access...; use magic to make someone else unlucky at fishing; govern (as a conqueror); invoke ancestors to ward off malevolent spirits (tipua) at night.
Takuu FJ.PUKE.1A Puke Membrane of sand which the puiari and uu crabs make to cover the entrance to their holes
Takuu PN.LIFU Rihu Tire of doing something; lose patience with someone; (of a fish) refuse to take the hook, not bite; start to eat something. then realise you do not want to eat it
Takuu OC.LUU.3 Ruu Shake
Sikaiana PN.LUE.1 Lue/lue To shake leaves at the fish which has been brought ashore during the teika lle
Takuu CC.SAKE.2 Sake, ssaka Lift one’s laplap to expose one’s buttocks as an act of provocation, expose oneself
Sikaiana NP.MUU.3 Mu/muu Make a constant buzzing noise (like a fly)
Sikaiana PN.SUI Sui Trade, exchange, barter, buy; make a return, either for a favor or an insult; price, cost
Sikaiana PN.SIKU-SIKU Sukisuki End of a coconut branch {paakele}, sometimes used to mark land reserved for a person to collect coconuts {uiki} Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana FJ.TAKELE.A Takele Bottom,*base (of island, house on posts, cup); keel (of boat)
Sikaiana PN.TAGULU Tallu Make a dull booming noise as waves do when they break, or pounding of a hammer Phonologically Irregular
Takuu CP.TAGI.B Tani (of a bird or animal) Sing, cry, make characteristic vocal noises; (of a radio, etc.) play, be playing; (of an engine) whine or make some other characteristic noise
Sikaiana FJ.TALA.2 Tala Type of story told to children to make them sleep, a fairy tale
Takuu PN.TETE Tete (of body) Shake
Takuu PN.TITI.2 Ttii aronaa (obs.) Strips of fibre formerly used to make net cordage Uncertain Semantic Connection
Takuu PN.TIQAKI Tiiake Leave something behind, abandon, quit; leave, drop; let, allow, permit Phonologically Irregular
Takuu NP.WASI Vasi/a Take a woman's virginity, deflower
Takuu CP.SAWINI (Haka)vini To whistle; insect species that makes a noise at night but cannot be seen
East Futuna PN.WALE-A.A Vakea Ne pas savoir, être ignorant, être fou (singulier); folie; mongolien, simple d'esprit
Pukapuka PN.FAKA-QAFU.1 Wakaawu To make hot on a fire (e.g. oven stones)
Pukapuka PN.GANA.2A Nga/ngana Make a noise
Pukapuka EO.HUQI.1 Uwi Take off clothes
Sikaiana PN.POLA-POLA Polapola Small temporary basket made from coconut leaf {paakele}
Tongan PN.QATIU Ajiu Cucumis melo, an aboriginal melon, rare or now lost from Tonga (Rabone, 1845, Baker, 1897)
Marquesas PN.HIGOA Tei-noa A namesake
Penrhyn PN.KAU-QAA Kaaua Enclose, make a fence around; enclosure, pen, garden, fence, place divided by horizontally laid coconut trees Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua OC.FANO.4 Haŋo Big tree (make bowls)
Sikaiana PN.MAALOOLOO.B Haka/malooloo To take a rest, to take a vacation, a holiday
Kapingamarangi NP.TEE-LAA Deelaa That, there (away from speaker and hearer); which, who