Anuta entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.NOFO Nopo (pl. nonopo) Sit, dwell, be alive (Fbg)
MP.NOFU Nopu Stonefish (Fbg)
FJ.NOKU Noku Bend (Yen)
OC.NONU Nonu (Morinda citrifolia) (Yen)
FJ.NUKU.1 Nuku Island (archaic) (Fbg)
PN.NUMI.1 Nu/numi/ Fold over. Folded (Fbg). (Yen)
PN.OO.3 O To go, come, proceed Borrowed (Fbg)
OC.QOHO Oo, oto Provisions for voyage (Fbg)
PN.OLA.1 Ora Life, health. Soul, spirit, everlasting life (Fbg). (Yen)
AN.QOTI.A Oti Finished. To finish (generally used with perfect particle *ku*) (Fbg). (Yen)
OC.PAA.3A Paa Shank of two piece fishing-lure. (Yen)
OC.PAE.1A Pae Stone wall or divider (e.g. sea-wall, stones marking outline of house) (Fbg)
PN.PAKI.2 Paki A paddle-like implement used in certain dances (Fbg)
PN.PAKUU.A Pakuu Loud, sharp noise such as thunder (Fbg)
PN.PALA-PALA Parapara Mud (Fbg)
PN.PALI.2 Pari Male genital area (Fbg)
NP.PANOKO Panauko (Hpr)
PN.PAOPAO Paopao A non-sacred canoe (Fbg)
MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board, plank (Fbg)
FJ.PAU.3 Pau Plant spp. (1) (Pandanus dubius), (2) (Pipturus argenteus) (Fbg)
OC.PEAU Peau Ocean wave (Fbg)
PN.PEGU Pengu Dull, not sharp (e.g. of a knife) (Fbg)
NP.PEQE-SI.B Pee/pee, pepe, pei-ia To throw; be carried away by wind or tide (Fbg)
NP.PEQE-SI.B Pee/pee To throw (Fbg)
OC.PEKA.1 Peka Bat, particularly flying-fox; a poor or impoverished man (Fbg)
OC.PENU.A Penu Coconut scrapings, rubbish (Yen)
OC.PEPE Pepe Butterfly (Yen)
NP.PESE.1 Pete Sing, song (Fbg)
NP.PETI Peti Fat (Yen)
MP.PIKI.1A Pi/piki. Piki/piki (Fbg). Sticky (Yen)
MP.PIPI.1 Pipi Bivalve shellfish (Yen)
AN.PITO.1 Pito Navel, umbilical cord (Fbg)
MP.POO.1A Poo Night (Yen)
MP.POA.1 Po/poa/ Fishy smell (Yen)
CE.POO-FATU.1* Poopatu Stone with hole in it Problematic (Yen)
MP.POGI-POGI Pongipongi Morning, 5-11 a.m. (Fbg)
??.POKA.3 Poka Jump with a start as when suddenly awakened (Fbg)
NP.POKE Poke Taro balls of mashed taro and coconut sauce. A type of food made by mixing mashed, baked taro with stone boiled coconut cream and rolling it into balls (A very prestigeous food prepared on important ceremonial occasions) (Fbg). (Yen)
XO.POKO-QULU Pokouru Head (Fbg)
MP.POLA.1 Pora Coconut leaf mat used to cover a canoe when it is not being used... (Fbg)
AN.POPO.1 Popo Decayed. To be decayed to the point of the object's losing its original identity (Fbg). (Yen)
CP.POTO.2 Poto Wise, expert (Fbg)
PN.POTU.1 Potu End ; piece of something; end of an object, side of an object (Yen)
PN.POTU.1 Potu/aa The end of a house (Fbg)
OC.POU.1 Pou Post of a house or other structure (Fbg)
PN.POO-QULI Pouri Night, darkness, be dark (Fbg)
FJ.PUA.A Pua Plant with flowers (Yen)
EP.PUA.B Pua Flower. Any plant that bears a flower; to flower (Fbg). Problematic (Yen)
FJ.PUQI Pui Smell n. (type of smell) (Fbg)
RO.PUKA Puko pakatangia A kind of tree with fairly soft and very light wood, from which model canoes and outrigger floats are made (Hernandia peltata) Problematic (Fbg)

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