Anuta entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CP.LEWA.2 Reva A kind of tree (Fbg)
AN.LIHA Ria, puai/ria Nit (egg of head louse) (Fbg)
AN.LIMA.A Nima Five Phonologically Irregular (Fbg)
MP.LIMA.B Rima Hand-arm (Yen)
MP.LIMA.B Nima Hand-arm Problematic (Fbg)
MP.LIMU Rimu Seaweed, algae growing on the reef (Fbg)
OC.LOA.1 Ro(ro)a Long (in space or time) (Yen)
PN.LOFA.3 Ropa A kind of bird (Fbg)
AN.ROGO.1B (Nga) rongo News (Fbg)
PN.LOHU Ro(u) Tool made from two sticks lashed together in a V-shape, for harvesting breadfruit (Fbg)
PN.LOHI Roi Lie (n) (as opposed to the truth) (Fbg)
PN.LOLO-QI.B Roi Food mixed with coconut cream, wrapped in a leaf and baked (Fbg)
CP.LOLI Rori Beche-de-mer (Yen)
PN.LOLO.1A Roro Coconut cream (Fbg)
MP.LUA.1 Ruo Hole Problematic (Fbg)
OC.LUA.2 Rua Vomit; be seasick (Fbg)
AN.RUA Rua Two (Yen)
PN.LUE.1 Ru/rue/ To shake (Yen)
PN.LUGA Runga Above (location or direction); any land east of Anuta (Fbg)
PN.LUPE.1 Rupe Pigeon (Yen)
PN.LUPO Rupo/rupo Small mackerel sp. A type of very small fish, often caught with hook and line from the beach (Fbg). (Yen)
OC.MAA.1 Maa And (used with numerals) (Fbg)
PN.MAA.2 Ma/maa/ Vegetable food (of several kinds) preserved by fermentation (Fbg)
AN.MAA.5A Ma First person dual preposed subject pronoun (Fbg)
AN.-MAA.5B -ma First person dual possessive suffix (Fbg)
PN.MAQA.1 Maa Clean (Yen)
PN.MAEA.1 Maea Heavy rope of either European cordage or made from bark of the *pau* tree [Hibiscus tiliaceus] (Fbg)
CO.MAFETUA.* Mapetua Sneeze (Fbg)
PN.MA-FOA-ATA Mapoaata Pre-dawn period when people start to stir (Fbg)
PN.MA-FULI Ma(a)puri Capsize; turn something over; be upside down (Fbg)
PN.MAGAMAGA-QA-TAI Mangamangaatai Starfish with very fine, delicate, tentacles (Fbg)
OC.MAGOO Mangoo. Mango(o) (Fbg). Shark (Yen)
AN.MAI.A Mai Particle indicating action towards some point of reference, generally the speaker (Fbg)
NP.MAQI-KAO Maikao, manikao Finger or toe (Fbg)
PN.MAKA.B Maka Sling for hurling stones (Fbg)
MP.MAKA-LILI Makariri Cold. Be [feel] cold, have chills (Fbg) (Yen)
PN.MA-KEKE Makeke Strong (Fbg)
PN.MAKI Maki Sickness (Yen)
PN.MA-KILA Maakira/kira Shiny (Fbg)
OC.MAKO.2 Mako Dance (Yen)
OC.MALAQE Marae Open ceremonial area (Fbg)
EO.MALALA Marara Charcoal (Yen)
OC.MA-RAMA.A Maarama Light, bright, daylight (Fbg)
RO.MALAU.1 Marau Squirrelfish (Fbg)
PN.MA-LEMO Maremo To drown (Yen)
MP.MALINO Marino Calm (Yen)
MP.MALO Maro Men's loin garment, made from a strip of bark-cloth (Fbg)
PN.MAALOO.A Maaro Prize Problematic (Fbg)
PN.MAALOOLOO.A Maroro Healthy (possibly TIK in origin) (Fbg)
PN.MAALOSI Maaroi Healthy Problematic (Fbg)

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