Anuta entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EO.FOTU.3A Potu Puncture, perforation; hole going right through an object; to puncture; to go through an opening (Fbg)
AN.FOQOU Pou New (Yen)
PN.FUU.2A Pu/puu/ To hide something from another person (Fbg)
FJ.FUA-.2 Pua Numeral particle indicating tens (with numbers 2-9, pua N = 10 X N) (Fbg)
AN.FUA.3A Pua Fruit. Often used specifically to denote betel nut; any plant that bears a fruit; to fruit; one's child (Fbg) (Yen)
SO.FUA.4 Pua Fleet of canoes which is out at sea (Fbg)
CP.FUQAGA Puanga Sharpening stone (Fbg)
CO.FUATAGA.1 Pua tanga Wailing song or dirge, sung at funerals, or to mourn someone's departure from the island or the loss of a canoe (Fbg)
NP.FUGAO-NA Pungona Parent-in-law, child-in-law (Fbg)
PN.FULE.B Pure/i Foreskin; for foreskin to recede or open as erection takes place (Fbg)
MP.FULI.1 Puri Turn. To turn something around (Fbg). (Yen)
MP.FULU.1 Puru Body-hair; feathers (Yen)
MP.FULU.2 Pu/puru Wash clothes. To wash an object (other than oneself) (Fbg). (Yen)
SO.FUNU Punu Pubic hair (Fbg)
AN.FUTI.1 Puti Pull up. To pull in a length of line (such as fishing line or anchor line) (Yen)
AN.FUTI.2 Puti Banana (Musa sp.) (Yen)
AN.FUTU Putu Tree sp. (Barringtonia asiatica) (Fbg)
PN.GAA.2A Nga Definite article plural (Fbg)
SO.GAA-.3 Nga- Directional prefix (Fbg)
OC.GALO.1 Ngaro Forget, disappear (Fbg)
PN.GA-LUE Ngarue To move (as when an object moves as the result of being pushed or pulled by a human being) (Fbg)
PN.GARUE Ngarue To work (either in the sense of "do work" or of "operate properly") (Fbg)
PN.GAALULU.A Ngaruru Earthquake (n,v) (Fbg)
PN.GAO.2 Ngao Path Problematic (Fbg)
OC.GASU.2 Ngau A plant (Scaevola taccada) (Fbg)
SO.GAA-TAI Nga(a)tai Seaward, toward the open sea (Fbg)
NP.GEGE Ngenge Slow (Fbg)
PN.GOTO Ngoto To sink (Fbg)
PN.GUU-FEKE Nguipeke Squid (Fbg)
MP.GUTU.A Ngutu Mouth; cutting edge of a blade or weapon (Fbg)
EO.HAA.1 Aa Interrogative pronoun: What? Why? Huh? (Fbg)
MP.HAGAFULU Pu/angapuru/ Ten (Fbg)
MP.HAI Ai Who?, whom? (Fbg)
OC.HAKAU Akau Reef (Fbg)
OC.HAKE.B Ake Direction up (Fbg)
PN.HAKE.A Ake(ake) To ascend (Fbg)
PN.HAKU Aku Swordfish, large Needlefish (Yen)
AN.HALA Ara Road (Yen)
EO.HAMA Ama Outrigger (Yen)
OC.HIFO.B Ipo Downwards (Fbg)
OC.HIFO.A Ipo To descend (Fbg)
PN.HIGOA Ingoa Name (Fbg)
AN.HIWA.1 Iva Nine (Yen)
FJ.HOGAHOGA Ongongo A small plant capable of producing severe itching for a short time (Fbg)
OC.HOGE One. Onge (Fbg). Famine (Yen)
PN.HOKA.1 Oka/oka Horizontal rafter (Yen)
EO.HOKA.2 Oka To husk coconut (Yen)
OC.SOKA.1 Toka/i Stab. Spear, puncture (Fbg). (Yen)
PN.HOKO.1 Oko To arrive (Fbg)
FJ.OLO.3 Oro Grate a tuber (Fbg)

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