Penrhyn entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.QAO.1 Oo Cloud, white cloud (Sta)
FJ.QAOGA Onga Extra, surplus Borrowed (Sta)
MP.QAPI.2 Apiapi Congested, crowded (Yda)
CE.APU.B Apu/apau To feed voraciously on, chase and swallow (Sta)
CE.APU.B Apu To chase and swallow (Sta)
AN.ASA.1 Asa Dart Problematic (Yda)
OC.ASI Ahi Kind of grass, growing in a swampy place, local medicine for bone fracture (Sta)
OC.ASI Raakau /ahi/ Sandalwood (Rmn)
MP.QASU Asu-a, -hia Scoop out, bail out, dip (Sta)
PN.ATA.1 Kaakahi/ata Dawn (Sta)
AN.QATA Ata Shadow; appearance, image; ray, light; to appear, become visible (Sta)
AN.QATE.1 Ate Liver (Sta)
PN.QAATEA Aatea Wide, distant, apart; side, surroundings, clear and open place. Light; the space above the earth (Bck). (Sta)
AN.QATO Ato To thatch; roof (Sta)
OC.ATU Atu Particle marking direction away from speaker; away, thither (Sta)
OC.QATU.1 Atu Skip jack, bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis) (Sta)
MP.QATUA Atua Spirit, ghost; deity, god; God (Sta)
MP.QATULE Ature Bigeye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) (Sta)
AN.AU.1 Au I, me (Sta)
MP.QAU.1 Au Current of the sea (Sta)
PN.QAU.2 Au/au To pick, pinch (Sta)
PN.QAU.2 Au/tua To remove, sever (Sta)
NP.QAU-AFI.* Auahi Smoke; fire, flare (Sta)
PN.QAUEE Auee Alas (Sta)
CE.AUTE Aute Paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) (There is none in Penrhyn) (Sta)
MP.AWA Ava A passage through the reef opening into the lagoon (Cbl)
MP.QAWA Ava Milkfish (Chanos chanos) (Sta)
CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Daytime (Sta)
OC.E.1A E Non-past tense-aspect (Sta)
PN.E.2 E Agent marker (Sta)
PN.EE Ee Yes; well, then, and (Sta)
PN.EQA.A Ea Rise to surface of water (Sta)
TA.EE-IA Eeia These (Sta)
MP.QETI Eti Husk a coconut with the teeth (Rmn)
AN.FAA.1 Haa Four (Sta)
MP.FAA.2 Haa Hoarse (Sta)
AN.FAQA.1 Haa Stalk (Sta)
AN.FAQA.1 Haa/niu Midrib of coconut leaflet; thin rod of the aerial root of the pandanus (Sta)
CP.FAQELU Haeru Wipe anus (Sta)
PN.FAA-FAA Haahaa Touch, feel with the hands. Groping (method of night fishing) (Bck). (Sta)
NP.FAAFAA-LUA Haahaarua Manta Ray (Sta)
PN.-FAGA.5 -Hanga Nominalising suffix (Sta)
NP.FAAGAI.A Haangai Feed (Sta)
CE.FAAGAI.B Haangai Foster (Sta)
CE.FAAGAI.B Tamaiti haangai Foster child (Sta)
NP.FAGO Hingo Blow through the nose Problematic (Rmn)
PN.EE È Yes (Lmt)
OC.FAAGOTA Haangota A method of fishing (Sta)
OC.FAGU.2 Ha/hangi Blow Phonologically Irregular (Yda)
AN.FAI.1 Hai Stingray (Sta)

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