Ra'ivavae entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CE.FATU.4 Hatu A lord, master; an owner, proprietor...; the guardian-god of a temple (Stn)
OC.FAQU.1 Hau To tie, tie together (Stn)
PN.FAQU.2 Hau A kind of highly ornamental head-dress having plumes and other ornaments and decorations (Stn)
MP.FAU.A Hau The hibiscus tree (Hibiscus tiliaceus) (Stn)
EO.FAQU-LUA Haurua To tie two canoes together in such a fashion that the outriggers are on the outside; a double canoe, catamaran (Stn)
OC.SAU.3 Hau A government, administration, domain; peace...to be at peace (Stn)
PN.SAU.7 Hau Vital essence; the emanation of the self, psyche; warlike courage, valiance, intrepidity (Stn)
NP.SAU-GA.* Haauŋa Odor,scent, smell (Stn)
MP.SAU.1 Hau Dew; damp (as certain winds) (Stn)
MP.FAU-FAU Hauhau Disgusting; slovenly, unattractive, homely; of low caste (Stn)
NP.SAWA.1 Hava Slime; slimy (Stn)
OC.SAAWAKI Havaʔe A variety of black sea urchin having short, thick blunt spines (Stn)
NP.SAWAIKI Havaiʔi The name of the ancient homeland in the Netherworld (Stn)
MP.SAKA.1 Haʔa To make violent physical motions...; to struggle, fight;...to dance; a war-dance... (Stn)
NP.SAKA.2 Haʔa Low, not high; a variety of low plant or shrub (Stn)
CE.FAKA-EA Haʔaea To cease, stop, desist; to pause; to remain (Stn)
PN.FAKA-MAA Haʔamaa To feel a sense of shame or humiliation; (int.) shame on you! (Stn)
CE.FAKA-PAGO Haʔapaʔo Take care of, look out for; pay attention to...obey...act with care... Phonologically Irregular (Stn)
NP.SAKALI Haʔari The coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) and its fruit (Stn)
CE.FAKA-RUA.2 Haʔarua The name of a light wind from the northwest (Stn)
OC.TAFA.3 Haʔa/taha To wheel, soar (as a bird) (Stn)
PN.TEQE.2 Haʔatee To blow the nose; to squeeze or press out fluid (Stn)
SF.FAKA-TEMU Haʔatemu To cause oneself to draw back; (int.) Withdraw! retire! (the command used by a dance-leader to stop a formal dance-figure) Problematic (Stn)
MP.UTA Haʔa/uta To transport (usually on a canoe or boat); to transport or carry a corpse (Stn)
NP.KOLO-MAKI Haʔa/ʔoromaʔi To bear up under suffering, anguish or disaster; patient, enduring, long-suffering, brave under adversity (Stn)
PN.SAKI Haʔi To hurl a stone or missile; to loose, let go (Stn)
PN.MA-FAKI Mahaʔi To fall, as ripe fruit; to collapse, crumble in ruins, as a mountain (Stn)
CK.KOO-FATU.* ʔOohaʔi Stone, rock Phonologically Irregular (Stn)
OC.FAKI Haʔi To strip a leaf from a stalk or branch (Stn)
NP.FAQAKI Haaʔi Display, demonstrate, show; reveal, disclose; (mod.) confess (Stn)
NP.SAAKILI.2 Haaʔiri/ʔiri To detest, abhor; detestable, abhorrent; slovenly, disorderly Uncertain Semantic Connection (Stn)
OC.KAFIKA Haʔiʔa A variety of tree, the mountain- or rose-apple (Eugenia malaccensis)... Phonologically Irregular (Stn)
OC.FAGU.2 Haʔu To expel, as smoke from the nose Phonologically Irregular (Stn)
MP.SAKU-LAA Haʔuraa Swordfish, black marlin (Stn)
PN.SEE.1 Hee Wrong, mistaken; to make a mistake; stray, go astray, miss or lose the way (Stn)
PN.FEGU Heŋu To blow sharply through the hose; to snort, as a pig or horse; to ejaculate semen (Stn)
TA.HEI Hei To be encircled, caught, enmeshed (as in a net); hooked, as a fish; to encircle; to catch fish (Stn)
TT.HEIVA Heiva A figure dance in which concentric circles of dancers move in opposite directions... (Stn)
TT.HEIVA Heiva The delivery of a child; the labor of childbirth... Uncertain Semantic Connection (Stn)
NP.FENUA.*C Henua (mod. puu-henua) The placenta (Stn)
PN.FEO Heo A variety of coral rock; it is hard, slightly rough on the surface but close-garined and heavy, whitish or light gray in color... (Stn)
PN.FELA Hera Twisted to one side (as the navel); wry (as an eye) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Stn)
CE.TU-FERA Tuuhera To lie down on the back, spreading the legs apart, as in readiness for coitus (used principally in erotic chants and religious discourse) (Stn)
EO.SELE.3 Here Beloved, dear; to love with tenderness and deep affection, as a parent; sweetheart, loved one, darling (Stn)
CP.SELE.1A Here A slip-noose, running knot; to ensnare, surround; tie up, fasten with cords... (Stn)
CE.SERU Heru To scratch up earth or surface rubbish from here and there (Stn)
TA.PA-SERU Paheru To poke about, rummage; to dash about catching up fish, as in a net... (Stn)
AN.FETUQU Hetuu A star (Stn)
PN.FEKE-FEKE Heʔeheʔe Elephantiasis; the extreme stage of filariasis (Stn)
PN.FEKIKI Heʔiʔi To envy, begrudge, be jealous of (Stn)

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