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Protoform Item Description Source
OC.QEPA ʔEpa Tendido horizontalmente (Bxn)
EP.QETE.* ʔEʔete Disgusting, having bad taste; get angry, indignant, be in bad humour (Fts)
EP.QETE.* Haka/ʔeʔete Reject something with disgust, show disgust at something (Fts)
EP.QEWE ʔEve Buttocks (Kvt)
AN.FAA.1 Haa Cuarto; cuatro (Fts)
MP.FAA.2 Haa/uʔa Hoarse (Fts)
AN.FAQA.1 Haʔa Measuring board; stick (palito) used when weaving nets (Kvt)
AN.FAQA.1 Haʔa Hojas nuevas y tiernas de las plantas, y que son consumidas cocidas (Fts)
AN.FAFA.1 Haha To carry a person on one's back (Fts)
AN.FAFA.2 Haha Mouth, entrance, opening (Fts)
PN.FAA-FAA Haahaa Touch with care; feel one`s way. Feel (examining, registering) (Wbr). (Fts)
XE.FAFI Hahi(hi) Packet of fish wrapped up in leaves; to wrap up (Chl)
OC.FAFIE Hahiie Thick root (Fts)
AN.FAFINE Haahine Near, next (to), close to, at hand Problematic (Fts)
AN.FAFO Haho Outside. Exterior (Wbr). (Fts)
NP.FAGA.2 Haŋa Bay Problematic (Wbr)
NP.FAAGAI.A Haaŋai Feed, nourish, nurse; breed, raise (Fts)
NP.FAGA-LOA Haŋaroa Principal village on the island Problematic (Fts)
OC.FAGU.2 Haŋu Breathing (Fts)
PN.FAI.3B Hai Instrumental preposition (Fts)
NP.FAQI Haʔi To give a gift to celebrate party (Fts)
XO.FAA-ITE.C Haite Numeral Problematic (Chl)
NP.FATITILI.* Paatiri Thunder Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
EP.FAAITO Haaito Dimension; gauge; measure; model; to gauge, measure, weigh (Fts)
EO.FAKA-.1 Faka- Causative prefix (Fts)
EO.FAKA-.1 Haʔa- Causative prefix from TAH Problematic (Fts)
PN.FAKA-LELE Hakarere Set something free, let loose. Let go, permit to go (e.g. a child to play) (Wbr). (Fts)
PN.FAKA-ROGO Hakaroŋo Escuchar; obedecer; hacerle caso a alg.; creer, prestar fe (Fts)
CE.FAKA-MATA.2 Haʔamata Begin,start. from TAH Borrowed (Fts)
PN.FAKA-MAQU Hakamaʔu Sujetar, hacer firme (Fts)
EP.FAKA-PEKE Hakapeke To fold oneself up, to shrug (Fts)
OC.FAKI Haa/haki Look for shellfish on the rocks (women especially) (Fts)
NP.FAQAKI Haaʔaki Accuse, explain, inform, predict, etc. Admit,confess; announce; accuse (Wbr). (Fts)
OC.SAAKULE Aruke To remove lice Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
MP.FALE Hare House. Room (Wbr). (Fts)
PN.FAALIKI Heeriki Grass used as floor-covering. Spread (Wbr). (Fts)
PN.FA-LIU Haarui Turn one's back Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
PN.FARO.2A Haro Pull, draw, haul, lengthen, raise, stretch, tune (Fts)
NP.FAALOA Koopuku ha/haroa Temperate bass (Polyprion oxygeneios) (Bloch & Schneider) > (Rdl)
AN.FARU.1 Haru Take away, take back (Kvt)
MP.FANA.2 Hana Hot, warm; heat n.; feel warm (Fts)
PN.FAANAU.A Hanau Pueblo, raza (Fts)
XO.FANO.3 Hano/hano Filthy, nasty, aversion Problematic (Fts)
PN.FAQO.1B Ha/haʔo Meter, introducir . Force in, insert, plug in ... Insert (e.g. sparkplugs, shoelaces) (Wbr). (Bxn)
PN.FAQO.1B Hao Bury, plant Problematic (Fts)
PN.FAQA-SI Hahi A package Problematic (Chl)
NP.FATA.2 Hata Open; to open (Kvt)
NP.FATA.2 Ha/hata Ablerto, hueco, vacio (Fts)
PN.FATA-FATA Hata/uma Esternón (sternum) (Kvt)
MP.FATU.1A Hatu Weave a hat or a rug (Fts)

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