Rarotongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CE.SAA-MAGA ʔAamanga Fork; a fork (of road, river, tree, etc.); forked stick with hook attached, used in fishing for conejo (Bse)
CC.SAAMAMA ʔAamama Yawn, open the mouth (Mka)
PN.SAA-MOLE Aamore Smooth, not hairy (Sve)
PN.SAMU.1A Kai/ʔamu/ Eating scraps of food (Bse)
TA.SAMUTI.2 ʔAmuti Human excrement (Sve)
EC.SEKE.1B ʔEke Flow down, through or over; (have) diarrhoea (Bse)
NP.SAPA ʔApa Blame; a fault, offence, error, sin, mistake, crime; offend, do wrong, sin; not according to rule, wrongly (Sve)
MP.SAPAI ʔApai Carry, take, convey, lift (Bse)
EP.SAPE.B ʔApe Mistaken (Bse)
CE.SAPUU ʔApuu Pregnant (Bse)
PN.SAPUTU ʔAputu Deep-sea fish, dark grey, up to 2 feet long (Bse)
MP.SAU.1 ʔAu Dew (Bse)
MP.SAU.1 ʔAu Sweat, vapour, steam, condensation Problematic (Bse)
OC.SAU.3 ʔAu Reign, government. Authority, power (Bse)
NP.SAU-GA.* ʔAunga Odour, smell (Bse)
NP.SAUMI.2 ʔAumi/ʔi Bow, front part of the hull of a canoe (Bse)
NP.SAU-SAU.1 ʔAu A fish about two feet long, blackish, edible, caught mainly in deep water (Bse)
NP.SAWA.1 ʔAvaʔava Stained, smeared, sullied (Bse)
NP.SAWAIKI ʔAvaiki The esoteric name of the Maori homeland (Sve)
NP.SAA-WALE ʔAvare Slime, slimy (Bse)
PN.SEE.1 ʔEe Err; mistake (Bse)
CP.SEQE.1 ʔEe The phasma or spectre insect (Mantis) (Lopaphuscocophagus) (Sve); coconut stick insect (Graeffea crouanii) (Bse) (Sve)
PN.POGA.1 Panga Native tree ferns (Cyathea spp.) Phonologically Irregular (Whr)
EP.SEI.1B ʔEi Wreath, garland, necklace, noose, snare (Bse)
EC.SEI.2 ʔEi Preposition. 1. refers to future time or subsequent state; usually optative, purposive or factitive. 2. Before nouns, but with no determiner intervening; (to serve as), for (the purpose of) (Bse)
PN.SEKE.1A ʔEke Descend, get off, slip down (Bse)
CP.SELE.1A ʔEre-a, -ʔia, -kia Tie round, tie up, tether (Bse)
CE.SERU ʔEru-a Scratch (ground, as a hen), rake through (with hands), scrape up, shuffle about, ransack (Bse)
CE.SERU ʔEru Scrape (aside), slash (Bse)
CP.SEU ʔEu Open, bring to view, part, make known (Bse)
EP.SEWA.B ʔEva Lamentation, mourning (Mka)
PN.SII.1 ʔIi Fish with line (Bse)
FJ.SII.2A ʔII Spurt out in a jet (Bse)
CP.SIGA.A ʔInga Fall over from an upright position, topple over (Sve)
CE.SIGA.B ʔInga Be overthrown (Sve)
PN.SIGANO ʔInano The male tree of (Pandanus tectorius) or its flowers Problematic (Whr)
OC.SIKA.2 ʔIka Action of firemaking (Bse)
NP.SIKA.3 ʔIka Female genitals (Sve)
CK.HII-KARO ʔIikaro-a, -ʔia Fish something out, winkle out, gouge out (usually with an instrument) (Bse)
OC.SIKI.1A ʔIki Dandle, nurse (a child) in the arms; select, elect, appoint, install (Bse)
CE.SIKU.B ʔIku Tail of animal, fish, bird Problematic (Sve)
??.SIKU-LAGI ʔIkurangi A prominent mountain (Bse)
MP.SINA.1 ʔina Grey-haired (Bse)
CP.SINA.2 ʔIna/-nui-o-te-raa Legendary polynesian goddess (Bse)
FJ.SINU.1 ʔInu Oil, fat (Bse)
PN.SINU-SINU ʔInuʔinu Greasy, oily, fatty; gorgeous, glorious (Bse)
MP.SIPA.2 ʔIpa Out of alignment, crooked, askew, awry (Bse)
MP.SISI.2 ʔIiʔii A small shellfish (Mka)
CP.SI-SII ʔIi Excape with a hiss [air from tyre] (Bse)
CE.SIWA.2 ʔIva Blackish (Bse)

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