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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Emae CP.AGA Aga/fua/ Free of tapu
Marquesas XE.FAFI Fafi Petit paquet; (___ tapu) nourriture offerte à l'occasion des fiançailles. Paquet de nourriture (enveloppé et cuit au four); food parcel (wrapped and cooked in earth oven) [Southeast Marquesan Dialect] (Atl).
Samoan PN.FAKA-LANU Faʔalanu To wash off salt water; prevent the effects supposed to arise from eating tapui nuts; remit punishment; remove offence by undergoing a penalty
Tahitian CE.FAATOO Taputoo Lutter, se battre Problematic
Tongan OC.FULA.1 Fula Swell up as result of breaking tapu ; tumour, hard swelling
Rennellese PN.GAO.2 Tapu/ngao Sole of foot, footprint, steps in coconut trunks for climbing
Marquesas CE.KARIOI Kaʔioi Lubrique, sensuel, luxurieux. Jeunes vivant en groupes, non asujettis aux obligations du tapu.L'étude de la culture de leurs ancêtres et les préparatifs de la fête, étaient leurs occupations journalieres (Lch). Jeune homme, young man (Atl).
East Uvea NP.LAFU.2 Lafu Abondance de cochons ou de kava produite par un tapu
Pukapuka EP.RAAFUI.* Laaui To place a tapu over (food supplies, trees, reefs); the tapu so placed Problematic
Niuatoputapu XW.LALO-KOKA Lolo-koka Colonisation site on Niuatoputapu (Kch)
Tongan CP.LEWA.2 Leva (Cerbera sp.) (Niuatoputapu)
New Zealand Maori CE.RUAHINE Ru(w)ahine Old woman; woman employed in certain ceremonies for removing tapu
Takuu PN.LUPO Rupo Fish sp., small growth stage of Caranx spp. which grows into a matapuku
Marquesas OC.MALAQE Meʔae Terrasse, lieu sacré ou tapu (Lch). Temple ancien (Atl). Lieu sacré (lucus) (Dln 1904).
Tongan FJ.MALU.B Malu Watertight; kept (of tapu); deaf; unable to defecate
New Zealand Maori MP.MAMA.2 Mama Perform rites to nullify witchcraft or remove tapu Problematic
New Zealand Maori PN.MATA-PULA Matapura A univalve mollusc Uncertain Semantic Connection
Pukapuka PN.MATA-PULA Matapula Red Globe-eye (Priacanthus cruentatus)
Samoan PN.MATA-PULA Matapula Red Globe-eye (Priacanthus cruentatus)
Tokelau PN.MATA-PULA Matapula Red Globe-eye (Priacanthus cruentatus)
Tongan PN.MATA-PULA Matapula Red Globe-eye (Priacanthus cruentatus)
Tongan PN.MOKA.3 Moka Kind of fish-trap used on Niua Toputapu for catching `otule
New Zealand Maori PN.MORI.A Mori/mori Remove tapu from crops
Tongan PN.MOSE-MOSE Mohemohe A tree (Leucaena insularum). Tree spp. (Serianthus melanesica, Samania saman (Niuatoputapu)) (Whr).
New Zealand Maori OC.MUQA.A Mua Space or place in front; earlier period; restricted or tapu part of marae, i.e. in front of meeting-house
New Zealand Maori EO.NOA.1 Noa Be ordinary, of no consequence, free from tapu, without limits
Penrhyn EO.NOA.1 Noa Free from tapu
Rarotongan EO.NOA.1 Noa Ordinary, not sacred, unsanctified, free from tapu
Tuamotu EO.NOA.1 Noa Common, free from tapu
Penrhyn TA.PATA.4 Pata Marble game; to play marbles; shoot at; catapult
Tikopia PN.PELUPELU Peruperu Fish, young of ikatapu (Caranx sp.)
Rarotongan PN.PULE.2 Pure Prayer, ceremony to remove tapu
New Zealand Maori PN.PULU.4 Puru-tapu A shroud for a corpse
East Uvea MP.SAQA.1 Haʔa Interdit, defendu, synonyme de tapu
New Zealand Maori AN.SALA.1 Hara Miss, come short of; violation of tapu, sin
Tuamotu AN.SALA.1 Hara Sin, violation of tapu
New Zealand Maori NP.SAPA Hapa Sin, offence; violate tapu; gone by; be passed over in apportionment of anything; crooked; be in need
Tongan PN.SA-SAKE Hahake East; eastern end of Tongatapu
Penrhyn TA.SURA Sura-hia To open, turn over, be removed. Remove, open; become free from tapu (Yda)
Marquesas OC.SUMU.2 Humu (Balistapus (Sufflamen) capistratus) [Shaw]. Baliste, triggerfish [spp.] (Atl).
Niue OC.SUMU.2 Humu Triggerfish spp. (Sufflamen bursa, Balistapus undulatus)
Pukapuka OC.SUMU.2 Umu/lenga Orangelined Triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus) Phonologically Irregular
Samoan OC.SUMU.2 Sumu Balistes & Balistapus triggerfish spp
Ifira-Mele PN.TA-FAGA.A Tafaga Unrestricted, free of *tapuga*; free (of cost); inactive
Anuta FJ.TAFU.A Tapu To put wood on a fire so that it will burst into flame, for purpose of cooking etc.
Anuta PN.TA-FULI Tapuri Capsize
Pukapuka SO.TAGA.3 Tanga Common, not tapu
Tikopia SO.TAGA.3 Tanga Free from tapu
Penrhyn FJ.TAKUPU Tapuku Brown morph of red-footed booby (Sula sula) Phonologically Irregular
Tuamotu TA.TAA-MAA Taamaa To remove the tapu from; to purify; to make clean