Kapingamarangi entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
FJ.TOLO.2A Dolo To crawl, to edge forward (Lbr)
PN.TOLOA.B Doloo Duck sp. (Buck) (Lbr)
AN.TOLU Dolu Three (Lbr)
PN.TOO-MUQA Hakaa/tamua First Problematic (Lbr)
PN.TOO-MURI Hakaa/tamuuri Last Problematic (Lbr)
NP.TONA-TONA Dono Buttock; base (e.g. of a tree) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Lbr)
FJ.TONU.1A Donu Correct, true, straight; to realize, to understand (Lbr)
CP.TONU.2 Donu Sea bass sp (Lbr)
PN.TOTO.1 Dodo Blood; to bleed (Lbr)
AN.TUQU.1 Duu To stand; to stop; to stand in the relation of (Lbr)
NP.TUQU.2 Duu Belt (Lbr)
PN.TUQU.3A Tuu To cut (Lbr)
EO.TUQA.1A Dua Back (of a person) (Lbr)
PN.TUQA-.2A Dua + N N ply (Lbr)
NP.TUQA-AKAU Dua agau Beyond or outside the reef (Lbr)
CP.TUAHI Duai Stool for grating coconuts (Lbr)
OC.TUAI Duai Late, take a long time (Lbr)
OC.TUAI Tuai Old, slow, late (Ebt)
CP.TUAKI Duagi To cut (e.g. a fish or pig) (Lbr)
CP.TUAKI Duagi di iga To clean the fish (Lbr)
EO.TUFA.1 Duwwo/ngo A share, portion; hand (of cards) Phonologically Irregular (Lbr)
PN.TUA-FAFINE Duaahina Sibling (Lbr)
EO.TUFA.1 Duwwe Divide; contribute; deal (cards) Phonologically Irregular (Lbr)
FJ.TUFU.2 Duhu A fish (Lbr)
NP.TUGA-TUGA Dungadunga/a Roughness, uneven (Lbr)
PN.TUGI.* Tungi Set light to (Ebt)
PN.TUKE.2 Duge Part of, fraction of (Lbr)
AN.TUI Dui Sew, patch; pierce with an object, skewer... (Lbr)
AN.TUI Dui/dui Comb (Lbr)
PN.TUKE.1 Duge Part of, fraction of (Lbr)
PN.TUKE.2 Madaa/duge/ Corner (of something square or rectangular) (Lbr)
AN.TUKI.A Tuki Kick (Ebt)
AN.TUKI.A Tugi Pound, hit accidentally (Lbr)
PN.TUKU.D Tuku Leave off doing (Ebt)
PN.TUKU.B Tuku Leave, place (Ebt)
PN.TUKU.B Dugu Put, place; leave (as is) (Lbr)
PN.TUKUKU Dagugu Damselfish Phonologically Irregular (Lbr)
PN.TUQU-TAGA Duudanga Verses (of song); small sections cut on large log (Lbr)
FJ.TULE.2 Dule Erect (of penis) (Lbr)
SO.VAE-LUA-A-POO Madahidi wae lua di boo Midnight (Lbr)
AN.TULI.1 Longo duli Deaf (Lbr)
FJ.TULI.2 Duli Bird sp.: Wandering Tattler. Also plover (Emy). (Lbr)
AN.TURI Turi/wae Knee (Ebt)
AN.TURI Duli Knee (Lbr)
AN.TULU.1 Tulu Leak (Lbr)
PN.TUQU-RUA-POO Madahidi wae lua di boo Midnight Problematic (Lbr)
NP.TULU-TULU.1 Duludulu House post (Lbr)
NP.TULU-TULU.1 Turuturu Supporting (wall) posts (Buck 1950) (???)
EO.TUMAQA Duumaa About, approximately; portion between two round numbers (e.g. 10 and 20); remainder (less than a whole number) (Lbr)
AN.TUNU Dunu Cook on open fire; boil (Lbr)

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