Penrhyn entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CE.PAFA.* Paha Probably, perhaps, maybe (Sta)
TA.PAA-FATA Paahata Scaffold; sedan; shelf (Sta)
TA.PAGE Pange To prop; piece of wood used to prop up/support something (Sta)
MP.PAKA.1A Paka/paka Crusted; burnt, scorched, scalded (Sta)
EP.PAKA.1B Paka/paka Dandruff, crust, cast-off skin/shell, shell, scab, layer (Sta)
TA.PAKARI Pakari Matured, hard, old (Sta)
AN.PAKI.1 Pa/paki Push Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
AN.PAKI.1 Paki/paki Push, slap (Sta)
PN.PAKIA.1 Pakia Wounded, scratched, bruised; wound, scratch, abrasion, bruise (Sta)
PN.PILO Pi/piro Pus (Sta)
PN.PILO Piro To be old and smell bad (Sta)
CP.PAKI-PAKI Pakipaki Portuguese Man-of-war (Rmn)
CE.PAA-KOTI Paakoti Scissors, clipper, mower (Sta)
MP.PAKU.D Paku Dandruff (Sta)
PN.PALA.1A Para Ripe; cooked; over-ripe; inner fleshy part of pandanus fruit. Food prepared from pandanus fruit (Bck). (Sta)
NP.PALA.1C Para Dirt, dirty; left-over remnant, dregs, refuse; small bit (Sta)
PN.PALA.4 Para/i Trowel (Sta)
PN.PAQALA Paara Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) (Sta)
PN.PAQALA Paala A fish (Sphyraena snodgrassi) (Jenkins) Problematic (Sta)
EC.PA-LAFA Paraha Square tray for roasting foods (Sta)
TA.PAA-RAKU Paaraku Rake (Sta)
PN.PALALAA Pararaa Make a rattling/crackling sound... (Sta)
MP.PALALAFA Pararaha Midrib of coconut frond; carrying pole; mashing stick (Sta)
TA.PARARII Pararii Broken in two or three pieces (Sta)
EP.PARAAOA Paraoa Dolphin, porpoise (Sta)
PN.PALA-PALA Parapara Filthy, dirty; filth, dirt (Sta)
PN.PALAU Parau Proud [< Eng?] Problematic (Sta)
TA.PAA-RAU Paarau Pearl shell, pearl oyster, esp. black-lip pearl shell (Pinctada margaritifera) (Sta)
PN.PALE.1A Pa/pare Chase or drive fish Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
PN.PALE.2 Pare Hat; to wear a hat. Face-shade (Lmt). (Sta)
FJ.PALI.1B Pari Rough, of waves (Sta)
TA.PARI.2 Pari High tide (Sta)
MQ.PAA-LOA.* Paaroa Bullet-shaped Problematic (Sta)
CP.PALOLO.A Paroro 1st and 2nd month in the pre-Christian calendar (Sta)
PN.PALU.1 Paru Broad Alfonso (Boryx decadactylus) (Sta)
CE.PARU.1 Paru Dregs after being wrung Problematic (Sta)
CE.PARU.2 Paru/paru Tired, soft, not solid, weak (Sta)
CE.PAA-RURU Paaruru Wall (Sta)
AN.PANA.1A Pana/pana Leap up and down, jump around (Sta)
AN.PANA.1A Pana To open, pry open, force open; clam lever, pry Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sta)
EC.PANE.B Pane Penis, glans penis (Sta)
PN.PANI.3 Paa/pani Feast held on the Monday just after the second Sunday of the year for closing the One-week Prayer at the beginning of the year (Sta)
MP.PAPA.1A Papa Board, plank (Sta)
PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat; appeased, subsided; tidy, well combed; to list up; layered coral rocks; flat stone structure... (Sta)
PN.PAPA.1B Paapaa Flat, wide (Sta)
EP.PAPA.1C Papa List, genealogy; to list up (Sta)
SO.PAPA.2 Papa Shoal of fish Problematic (Sta)
NP.PAA-PAKU Paapaku Shallow; shoal (Sta)
CE.PAPA-ARIGA Paapaaringa Cheek; gill cover (Sta)
SO.PAPO Papo Wrasse sp. (Cheilinus fasciatus) (Sta)

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