Nuguria entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.PILI-PILI Piripiri Octopus; wart (Dvl)
PN.PITO.2 Pito (raakau) Chunks (of tree) (Dvl)
OC.KOHO Pito/koo Stick used to husk coconuts; horns of cows, sheep, etc. (Dvl)
XO.POSU Pohu Be full, fill (self) (Dvl)
PN.POO-QULI Poouri Dark (n), darkness; dark (vi), obscure (Dvl)
AN.POPO.1 Popo Rotten, rot (of trees); rust (Dvl)
MP.POLA.1 Pora Plaited coconut leaves; mats made of them (used to cover canoes) (Dvl)
PN.PORO-QAKI Poroaki Embrace, hug (Dvl)
OC.POTO.1 Poto/poto Short, brief (Dvl)
OC.POU.1 Pou Pole, stake, post (of a house) (Dvl)
MP.PAKU.B P/paku Burnt, brown and dried out from overcooking (Dvl)
NO.PAU.2 P/pau Count, reckon (Dvl)
MP.PILI.1A P/piri Adhere, be stuck (Dvl)
PN.POKO.2 P/poko Deep (a hole, a saucepan, inside of a canoe) (Dvl)
MP.PONO.1 P/pono Put (inside), fit something into a hole; close (a coconut shell container with a lid); stopper (for coconut shell containers, made of pandanus leaves) (Dvl)
SO.POLE.B P/pore Tremble, shiver (small movements); be (very) scared (Dvl)
PN.PUI.A P/pui Close, shut (the eyes, a door, a lid) (Dvl)
MP.PULA.1 P(u)/pura Phosphorescence in the sea (Dvl)
NP.PULU.7 P/puru (sg.obj.), puru/puru (pl.obj.) Catch turtles (Dvl)
OC.PUAKA Puaka Common people Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dvl)
MP.PUKU.1A Puku Swollen (Dvl)
FJ.PUKU.3 Puku/a Mouth (inside), also of coconut (Dvl)
MP.PUKU.1A Puku/puku Swollen (skin disease); uneven (a table) (Dvl)
MP.PUNA Puna Bubble (v); spring (in the sea); places of fine white sand where upo worms live and sea grass grows (Dvl)
PN.PUPU.A Pupu Woods, thicket, bush (Dvl)
NO.PULA-PULA.2 Purapura Striated, spotted, with different designs (Dvl)
NO.PULA-PULA.2 Pura Design (Dvl)
XO.PULAU.* Purau Stink; stinking/fetid, evil-smelling (rotten fish, meat, excrements) (Dvl)
MP.PULE.1 Pure Shellfish sp.: Cowrie (Dvl)
PN.PULE.2 Pure/pure Advice, words of wisdom old people give to young (Dvl)
SO.PULI Puri/puri Wrap s/o around (Dvl)
MP.PULU.1A Puru Dried coconut husk, used to light fire and as toilet paper; broom made of coconut husk for cleaning canoes (Dvl)
NP.PULU.7 Puru Adopt as a child Uncertain Semantic Connection (Dvl)
OC.PUU.1 Puu Shellfish sp. (inedible); trumpet (made of puu roa shell); containers to scoop water (Dvl)
OC.PUU.1 Puu roa Conch or trumpet shell (Dvl)
PN.RAA Te laa Another, next (time) (Dvl)
NP.LAFI.1 Rahi/rahi Very thin (Dvl)
PN.RAFO Raho Old shoots of pandanus (Dvl)
NP.LAKIA Rakia/lakia Sea bird sp. (eggs and nestlings are eaten) (Dvl)
AN.RAKU Raku/raku Scratch with claws (Dvl)
AN.RAMA Rama (e hao) Torch (used to fish in night) (Dvl)
NP.LAGA.1B Rana (pl./freq. ranarana) Float (vi) (Dvl)
AN.LAGI.2 Rani/lani Rainbow (Dvl)
OC.LAGO.2 Rano Support, bearer (Dvl)
OC.GALO.1 Rano te roto Forget Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
PN.LAQOA Raoa Choke (on bone) (vi) (Dvl)
PN.NAO Rao/rao To take sleeping fish from holes at night in shallow water Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
PN.RAU.2 Rau/lau Hundred (Dvl)
PN.LAULAU Raurau Small basket used to serve food (woven of coconut leaves) (Dvl)
MP.REFU.1 Rehu Ashes; dust, powder (Dvl)

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